Fix Your Call To Action Before You Finish Your Coffee With These Easy And Quick Tips

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Fix Your Call To Action Before You Finish Your Coffee With These Easy And Quick Tips

You have some great content on your website, and you get a good amount of traffic, but why aren’t you seeing the lead conversion that you strive for?

Perhaps its lead quality, or poor luck, but most likely, it’s because you are not including a clear and effective call to action to guide leads onto the road to conversion.


Not to worry, you can turn the results of your site around in just a few minute with these easy and quick tips to fix your call to action:

Don’t Give Your Leads A Choice

When you’re creating a call to action for your site, you need to first consider what you want site visitors to do, then, make them feel compelled to do it! The best way to do that is by giving them one basic option to go from. If your webpage features too many options to click on, they might not know exactly where to go from here and you may just lose them. Direct them where you want them to go with one clear choice to click on and go from there.

Use A Better Color

When it comes to color, the results of your site can be greatly affected in such a subtle way. Your choice of color can be majorly impacted in either a negative or positive way, so you have to make good choices and know what colors will work. First off, you need to pick a color that stands out, so that your call to action is clearly defined and gets noticed easily by the potential client. Now, you need to find the right shade for your goal and business. Different colors have different meanings, and can represent a different sentiment about your company. For example, Productivedreams.com explains that red represent energy and excitement in a call to action button, while blue shows the customer that the business is trustworthy and gives off a sense of security. Depending on the action, you should consider how you want your leads to feel about your business and pick the color that will encourage the best results. You can find out more about color’s effect on sales in ‘Color Has A Big Effect On Your Sales...Are You Setting The Right Tone?

Placement Is A Priority

When you are designing your page, you also need to consider where you should put the call to action button, in order to see the best results. It needs to be natural to eye, so that your site flows, yet it needs to be noticeable. It is best to put were it can be seen without having to scroll down. Otherwise, many may not take the time to search for it and could miss it. It should also be in the center part of the page, not in a sidebar, where people where see it first. A few easy switched here and you can see results fast.

Be Clear And Concise

A call to action should be an easy move for prospective clients, so you need to give them everything they need to make a quick, yet thoughtful, decision. To help win them over, you need to keep your call to action short, yet give a specific purpose and show the intent behind the action. This will help them trust in your business, and you’ll see more conversions as a result.

Think About Word Choice

Even if you know what you want to say, you need to think about the best way to word it. Two different phrases with the same meaning, can have completely different results. Sometimes, including an action word can help draw attention and persuade the reader. What works for you might be different than what works for others, so you should test out different phrases or words choices to see what has the best results.

With these easy change you can fix your call to action in minutes, so that you see the conversion rates your site actually deserves.

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