Forrester Report Shows Customers Are Finding Better Service Online

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Forrester Report Shows Customers Are Finding Better Service Online

Do you remember the last time you went to the store to inquire about an item or service? Odds are you talked to some clerk with an attitude who didn’t truly care about you or your happiness, it is simply a job for them.

Well, with the growth of technology and the ability to communicate and conduct the same transactions online, it comes as no surprise that customers are beginning to turn to online sites to find better customer service.

According to a study completed by Forrester Research, retailers that sell products and services strictly online ranked first in a customer experience survey. This survey, titled “The US Customer Experience Index, Q1 2015,” included 18 different industries and retailers had formerly placed among the top results. However, the 2015 results showed that online retailers have trumped the competition.

Over 45,000 US consumers and over 30,000 Canadians, were surveyed to get these results, showing an excellent sample of the North American population. The survey was conducted online, which may have shown some bias in the results for people who generally prefer to use the internet as their resource for business and communication, but it also helped to increase the numbers included in the survey due to its convenience

In fact, convenience is a key factor all around in this study. While many are ranking online retailers as the best in customer service, there are many reasons that support the growing industry, convenience being a main factor.

Instead of having to get properly dressed, waste the gas, and speak face to face with someone, more consumers are opting for the alternative option of purchasing good online. Here, consumers can easily find what they are looking for with a few easy clicks of the mouse. The websites are becoming more focused toward their clientele, and often times have representatives ready to answer calls or instant messages at all hours of the day.

With this level of reliability and accessibility, the increasing popularity of online shopping makes perfect sense. When a customer can get the assistance they need instantly from the comfort of their own home, there is no way regular retailers can compete.

While online retailers are already beating out other industries due to its advantage of accessibility, the customer service that they give to help people tends to be better quality in general.

With some exceptions, the common store employees you will meet at a shop or mall will be people who don’t truly represent the brand. They might be great people with great work ethics, but it is likely not their own business that they are running, and it is really not their passion at all.

Online, things tend to be much different. With many online retailers like Etsy, for example, users of the site can directly sell products they have made. These motivated users, who sell and promote the goods they have made, are much more likely to reach out and offer more support when a buyer needs.

With sites selling services instead of products, things work similarly. These people know how to walk you through their service to help you understand how it works and can even help you set up online technology while you are speaking with them. Talking to people who know their information and can immediately give you the help you need is truly appreciated with online retailers.

So in short, it is really no shock at all that customers are finding better service online. With the immediacy, convenience, and educated professionals ready to help at any time they want, online shoppers will most likely be keeping their business online.

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