Generate Leads for Your Business with Website Tracking Software

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Generate Leads for Your Business with Website Tracking Software

When customers walk into a brick-and-mortar business location, you can track them. When leads visit your website, a large majority of them are invisible. Yet, there are some warm and hot prospects researching your content to see if you have what they want. Since only a small minority will take the time to let you know who they are, it can be difficult to build upon their interest when they are actively engaged. This is why you need website tracking software to help you figure out when would be the right time to reach out to your leads and with the right types of information to keep their interest.

Without website tracking software, your marketing efforts could be a shot in the dark. You've spent a lot of time and money working on attracting leads. Now, you need to step it up by gaining of a view of what pages are receiving the most visits.

Look at anonymous visitors

Who needs a private detective when you have website visitor tracking software? Get a view of your lead activity in an instant.

The modern consumer has a huge amount of data available through the Internet. This has changed the role of sales, as customers do a majority of their information-searching even before they talk to you. They look at review sites, they check out your products and services through major websites that offer them, they talk to friends and family, they watch reviews on YouTube and search for posts on Instagram. By the time they're interested enough to talk to you, they might know enough about your product or service to sell it themselves.

This is why it is imperative to have deeper insight of the actions taking place during the research phase. You want to know what pages they visited in their information-gathering process. You also want to know which search terms they've used. If you have a white paper on how to secure VMware, and it's been downloaded by targeted leads, you can then follow up with a questionnaire or an invite to a deep-dive webinar. You want to reign that lead in, or, strike while the iron is hot. The reason is you can be sure they are also researching information on your competitor's sites.

You want to be the first to reach out to them to relevant information. If all you're doing is sending blind campaigns, you're setting yourself up for failure when no one responds. Website tracking software gives you an eye towards their activity so you know exactly how to reach out to them and what to send.

Set up real-time alerts

How much would it benefit your business if you know a webinar attendee is currently browsing your site? Would it help if you could see what content they're viewing, and when? Well, with website tracking software, you can set up alerts that let you know when a specified lead visits a particular page--such as a pricing or quote request page. You might want to know when they subscribe to your newsletter. Will that help to guide your communications?

If someone is attending your lunch and learn tomorrow, and they're researching products not being discussed at your lunch and learn, you might provide them with more information on those searches so that you have an opportunity for an even bigger sale. Another way to increase your lead number is setting up alerts when visitors sign up for your site. You can use those alerts to send a welcome email and perhaps relevant information regarding the pages they have visited. In today's consumer-driven marketplace, relevancy is the key to sales success. Customers want to feel as if they're the only person in the room, even if it is a virtual room. They want to feel understood and heard. Sending or speaking of relevant information shows them that you care about their wants and needs.

Find contact information

Website tracking software can also help you get contact information to connect with visitors that are engaging with your site. They're there for a reason so, it doesn't hurt to take a proactive step to reach out. The lead may have wanted to reach out but got distracted by something else. They may have put off their search because they didn't receive further help, even if they didn't request it. But, to generate leads, you must reach out. Website tracking software lets you know who is visiting your site, now you have contacts you can help turn into profitable leads.

Segment your contacts

One of the most important steps in marketing is segmenting your customers. The reason is because you want to send them data that matters to them. If someone was searching for cheeseburger recipes, you probably wouldn't want to send them recipes for kale salads.

Website tracking software shows you exactly what your prospects are searching for and where they are located. If you run a managed IT services company and you are having a lunch and learn in Seattle, you can send invites to prospects from Seattle and the surrounding areas if they are searching for the topic of your lunch and learn such as help desk services.

A lead will lose interest if you try to sell them something they don't want. It isn't about what you want to sell, it is about what they want to buy. With website tracking software, you can increase your leads by sending the right information--at the right time--to segmented customers. If you sell coats, and you're getting a large amount of traffic from Australia, then you would send them information on winter apparel during the U.S. summer--since that is their winter.

Also, you can create more localized campaigns based on locations and types of leads you want to target. For example, in Texas, natural disasters such as flooding and tornadoes take place on an annual basis. If you're a managed IT company, you might share how you can provide full data backup and recovery in the event of a tornado, flooding or another type of natural disaster common to the area.

Without website tracking software, online leads are a lot more difficult to manage and monitor. With website tracking software, you have the data you need to greatly increase your funnel of qualified leads.

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