Gmail Gif Prank Gone Wrong

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Gmail Gif Prank Gone Wrong

Ah April Fool’s Day. A day where the pranksters of the world gather to test their proudest efforts of fooling their friends and pissing off everyone they know. While all your funny friends are taking part in the holiday’s festivities, Google tried to take a whack at it this year. And spoiler alert: it did not go well.

In lieu of a certain function within Gmail, Google decided to switch things up for their users. On April Fool’s Day this year, Google decided to replace the “send + mic drop” function on their Gmail service, with a gif. So, when users went to send emails using this specific function, or if they accidentally hit this feature, gifs were sent in place of, or along with their messages.

While this seemed like a harmless April Fool’s prank at first, it went foul when some important emails got screwed up by this silly trick. After some negative feedback was received about the trick, Google dropped the prank, but the damages were already done.

Those who use their Gmail accounts for professional purposes were not escaped from the wrath of the Gmail gif prank. Unfortunately, this caused some important professional messages and conversations to go awry, causing major issues for some.

From sales people sending their clients inappropriate and confusing messages, to people accidentally sending gifs to their employers, the prank ruined some major opportunities.

Sales were lost, jobs were lost, and overall respect for Gmail and the Google Corporation, was lost due to this immature prank.

Now, some may claim that Google is not responsible for the results of the prank, coming from the theory that the senders should pay attention to each and every message they send before it goes through, but the kicker with this April Fool’s gif joke was that the sender could not recognize the gifs, as they were hidden from the sender until it was too late, and the message was already sent.

Immediately, Google received plenty of backlash online for their negligent prank. And the shocker really is that such a large, smart and successful company like Google would pull such a silly joke on their users. Really, Google? Really?

Surely, there were a few Gmail casualties that day, as many had a distrust for the service after the sight of these immature jokes.

Well, Google, I hope you’ve learned your lesson after this one. Next time place a Whoopi cushion on your coworker’s chair and call it a day. Or better yet, just sit next year out. I think you’ve had enough fun for a while…

But next, perhaps, as a result of this prank Google can figure out how to retract an email sent through Gmail before the email is read? A bit of a longshot there and maybe a bit controversial, but hey, it’s still safer than sending a minion gif to your angry boss.

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