Great Online Marketing Starts at $8

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Great Online Marketing Starts at $8

The biggest misconception in online marketing is that you need to spend major bucks to see results. While spending more can bring you more opportunities with your marketing campaign, there are still plenty of low-budget options that can bring new leads and sales to your company.

In fact, there are some extremely inexpensive ways to bring attention to your business. From free social media use and successfully written blogs published, to $8 marketing help on Facebook, here are some great options to improve your online marketing without breaking the bank:

Start with optimized content

If you build it they will come. The updated version of this classic line is most obviously referring to your site. If you create a site worth visiting, with a great design and compelling content, you’re off to a great start to advertising your brand. Before you work hard to market and invest in marketing programs, the first place to start is with the content on your site. From well written info pages, to entertaining and informative blog posts, to quality photos, the content on your site can help you perform well in search engines and social media. No matter where you link your site to, it all comes back to the mothership: your landing pages. And you better hope these landing pages, along with the rest of your site, are doing their job to represent your company well. Focusing on creating only the best content for your site will be the best first step to help you receive more attention online.

Pay close attention to the metrics system

Whether or not you have a CRM system, or just work to advertise via your social media pages, you can tell a lot about your company’s success simply from the metrics that those sites give you. On social media pages like Facebook and Twitter, you can easily access the metrics which tell you how much attention your page has received, how well your posts are performing, and even what time of the day your page gets the most attention. Access to this breakdown on information is available on all types of accounts, even just a personal page for Facebook or Twitter, so you can easily track this for free. If you want a better system, however, there are plenty of sites that can track your pages’ analytics for you, and can be found for cheap, compared to the other prices found in the marketing market. These easy to use tools can help you nail down what works, and what isn’t working to help you optimize your social media marketing campaign.

Promote your posts for 8 bucks

Nowadays, $8 cannot get you much; a meal at a fast food restaurant, a bottle of cheap wine, a train ticket to the suburbs and that’s about it. Now try spending only $8 online. Whatever you buy will likely cost at least $8 just to ship it.

But for marketers on Facebook, your $8 can be worthwhile. For this small fee, you can pay to boost your posts on Facebook to grab the attention of potential leads. This boost will help you reach out to your target audience through features that look for specific demographics to advertise to. This cheap little boost through Facebook posts will help drive clicks and traffic on your site, making it an instantly redeemed purchase. Even if you do not have a large budget, spending a bit online, especially in a social media site that has shown proven efforts, can bring you a strong return on investment in leads and sales for your business.

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