GreenRope is Owning the Marketing Automation Game

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GreenRope is Owning the Marketing Automation Game

The people have spoken. They like what they see in the marketing automation industry, at that’s GreenRope. According to a site called CrowdReviews.com, a site that allows people to create credible views of products by linking their social media and LinkedIn pages to create a profile, GreenRope has come out on top in the marketing automation industry.

Voted to be the number one marketing automation software by the reviewers and the company, the decision was based on a multitude of factors. CrowdReviews works to create a transparent algorithm in which several factors are taken into consideration. But as for the reviewer side, there are five major parts that are factored into the overall score. These points are the review strength, engagement strength, reviewer strength, profile strength, and also the verified status of the reviewer. In order to give a solid review, a reviewer must score well on all of these levels.

According to the CrowdReviews page for the rankings of the marketing automation software companies, GreenRope received five stars from over 24 reviews. GreenRope was also suggested by reviewers to be best suited for small and mid-sized businesses and is rating to be very reasonably priced. The group also scored well due to its free-trial service, which allows users to test out the marketing automation features offered by GreenRope before making a purchase.

While GreenRope was ranked at the top, several familiar competitors stood in the top five, including Act-On, Pardot, Net-Results, and Salesmanago. These marketing automation systems also scored well due to their relatively low pricing, which fare well for their target audiences which are small and mid-sized businesses.

While many recognizable names in the marketing automation software industry scored well in the rankings, what exactly makes GreenRope the top choice? Based on the reviews written by the CrowdReviews consumers, many found GreenRope’s CRM system to be a major success for the company, as reviewers suggested that it was compatible with other systems, and it flowed well to help them use it to their advantage. Other customers felt that the automatic email system helped bring their drip campaigns to the next level. But overall, the consensus was that the company brought a great amount of features to a low budget, which is a big help to smaller businesses.

Looking into the CRM and marketing automation software offered by GreenRope, their site features many functions of their products, with the sole purpose of simplifying the process and the work of their users, the small and mid-sized business owners. As for the esteemed CRM system that GreenRope markets, the main features include complete marketing automation, activity-based lead scoring, a simple workflow, instant feedback from all devices, payment plans, integration with other systems, and more. These features help make their CRM system a well-rounded marketing automation that gives the customers what they want at a low price.

Other marketing automation creators: Take notes; GreenRope is holding the reigns pretty tightly on their top spot in the CrowdReviews for the best marketing automation software.

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