How Clean Data Effects Your Email Campaign

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How Clean Data Effects Your Email Campaign

If you’re putting together an email campaign to help your business grow, chances are you’ve heard the term email verification. But what is it? And why does it matter? Let us explain.

What is Email Verification?

Email verification is quite simply the verification of email addresses. But, what does this means? At its most basic function, email verification ensures that every email you take in to benefit your marketing campaign is a valid, real email address. This is incredibly important for many reasons. You build an email marketing campaign to engage with users on a personal level. That means that you’re relying on the data provided by these email addresses to inform your campaign plans.

But what if the addresses you’re collecting aren’t real? This type of false data can throw a huge kink into your email campaign. False emails lead to false data. And false data means you can’t properly inform your campaign. Emails can give you plenty of information about the user and not having that information can make your email campaign next to useless. But unverified emails can damage your campaign in a more drastic way if you introduce emails related to spam into your pipeline.

Users to Avoid:

There are a couple types of users you want to avoid when it comes to dangerous email addresses. The first and foremost are spam emails. Spam emails are set up by spam accounts. These accounts summit their emails to your list. Once you’ve contacted them, they access your email list and start sending out spam to your users. This not only puts your businesses’ data at risk, it also puts your users’ data at risk. Email service providers, or ESPs, pay attention to this kind of reckless behavior and your sender score will suffer the consequences.

Another potentially dangerous email user is someone we at XVerify call Complainers. These users are likely to send your emails to their spam folders. Though they can sometimes be used to benefit your email campaign, Complainers also have the potential to sink your sender score. If you keep these potentially volatile users on your main or bulk email list, you run the risk of being sent to spam. If you’re sent to spam enough times, ESPs will start automatically rerouting your campaign to send it directly to spam, even if a user hasn’t requested that your emails be sent there.

Benefits of a Hygienic Email List

We’ve talked a lot about sender score and sender reputation in this article. There’s a good reason for that since your sender reputation rules the success of your email marketing campaign. Your sender reputation is based off your sender score. A sender score is regularly compared to a credit score. The score is on a scale of 1 to 100 and is built off a cumulation of many different aspects. From spam complaints to mailing unknown users, your sender score is meant to protect email users and ESPs from dangerous behavior.

What leads to dangerous behavior? Dangerous data. You can easily sink your sender score without even meaning to. Dirty data can lead to you sending out emails to unknown users, sending mail to spam traps or being blacklisted by different ESPs. Each of these could crash your sender score. But what happens when your sender score is in the dumps? To protect their users, ESP send emails from domains with low scores directly to the spam folder. If your emails are going straight to spam, any money put to your campaign is sent straight to spam, never to be seen by the user.

Maintaining a hygienic email list and regularly verifying your data will help ensure that your sender score is at its highest. A high sender score helps make sure your users see your emails and have the chance to engage with your content. You can also use your validated data to better inform your email campaign. By using this data, you can create segments and groups that will help you personalize content and engage with users on a personal level. Personal engagement is the best way to create brand loyalty, and therefore the best way to pursue a successful marketing campaign. But none of that is possible if dirty data remains in your pipeline. So, be sure to clean up your data with XVerify’s unique verification services to get your marketing campaign off on the right foot.

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