How to Get a Smartphone User to Download Your App

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How to Get a Smartphone User to Download Your App

As of June 2016, there were more than 2,200,000 apps on Google Play and 2 million apps on Apple Store. That is an overwhelming number of apps on the market and new apps are arriving each and every day. If you have a popular app, you can stand to make a killing in profits. Yet, there is a major obstacle: How do you make your app stand out in the crowd?

Where's Waldo?

I'm sure you remember those quirky cartoons, where we would strain our eyes looking for Waldo. At times, it would be easy and other times it would take us a longer time to find him in the crowd. You don't want buyers to be searching for your app, as if they were looking for Waldo.

You want your app to pop out and grab the buyer’s attention. It needs to stand out as being original, unique. It has to be something users can't live without. But, how can we do that when millions apps are all competing for the same thing?

Before we begin, here are a few words of advice. Even if you diligently apply all of the following suggestions but your app is poorly developed, cumbersome to use and doesn't serve a practical purpose, the sad reality is, that buyers will not use your app and will not recommend it to others.

Preparation is the secret

Would you go fishing without the bait? No, you would take the time and choose the correct bait for the type of fish your are trying to catch.

In a way, we are going fishing amongst millions other fishermen. As a result, we need to choose the correct bait that will be able to help us catch thousands upon thousands of buyers. Yet, where do you begin? Try applying these suggestions:

1. Before your app is available to the public, get feedback on your app from 50+ users. Listen carefully to their opinions and reactions. Were they excited or confused? Do they like it? Was it easy to use?

Learn from your mistakes! If they found it difficult to use, tweak your app. It is better to receive private negative feedback than public feedback that could bring long-term disastrous effects for your app.

It is preferable to make changes before launch then to get bad reviews and try to recover from that.

2. Make an app that will be the "valedictorian of the class". Avoid making an app that is the jack-of-all-trades. Focus on one thing and do it well.

3. Research your app. As previously mentioned, there are 2 million apps on the market. So chances are your app idea is already out there. Take the time to make an app that is new and innovative. Be creative and make an app that is totally original.

Simplicity is the key

Nobody has time to waste. Normally, when the buyer downloads a new app, they just want to open it and voila! They can magically use it without any hitches. You have between 10 to 20 seconds, from the app being opened for the first time, for users to decide if they will use it or delete it. Therefore, it is of upmost importance that your app will be easy to use, understand and access. Keep it simple, or go back to the design stage.

You should also create a self-help tutorial in the app that will explain how to use it. Remember, deleted apps bring no positive feedback. The objective is to have users keep and use your app.

Keys to help your app be the best and the most downloaded

As mentioned above, you need to make your app stand out above the crowd. How can we do that? Here are some suggestions that will help your app be downloaded again and again.

• Get your app known: We live in the age of technology and word of mouth spreads faster than ever before. With a simple click we can share something with thousands of people instantly. One of the best ways to promote your app is by using Twitter and Facebook.

• People tend to trust the opinions of others and they put their seal of approval on it, by hitting the "like" tab. It basically tells others that their friends approve of this product, so it must be worthwhile, thus motivating them to go download your app.

• Translate your app's description: Your app can only geographically expand according to the language it is in. If you are trying to reach the North American audience, you will need to take into account the massive influx of immigration in the past years. English still is the main language but Spanish is close behind, also Chinese, Portuguese and many more.

• Take the time to translate, at least, your app's description into the mentioned languages. It is highly recommended to hire a professional translator, as it will be more accurate.

• Use keywords in the description (SEO): These keywords will be like magnets that will draw buyers to our app. In the description of the app, try to use the keywords several times for our app. You can always hire an SEO expert to help you.

• Videos: Videos are like eye candy, people just absorb them and drink them up. It is not optional but a necessity. It is recommended to hire a professional agency to make your video.

• Temporary Discounts: Everyone loves a discount. By occasionally putting your app on sale, it helps get your app out there and to receive more positive feedback. This promotes your app in ways that you could only imagine.

As Bill George said " We are only as good as who we surround ourselves with". So the key to making a successful app is having a great team to work with.

With so many fishermen in the market, you need to use every method available to you to help your app stand out and grab the buyer’s attention. It is not something you can just leave to chance, but it will require careful planning and preparation. Yet, with the right bait, smartphone users will download your app and will recommend it to others.

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