How to Improve Your Lead Response Time with Lead Management Software

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How to Improve Your Lead Response Time with Lead Management Software

Waiting can be rough. Nobody likes long lines, delayed flights, or even just slow communication channels. So you can improve lead response time to hear back sooner from your leads, with the help of your lead management software. Lead management software can improve the channels of communication with the help of tools to specifically alert you quicker when leads interact with the marketing efforts you have thrown their way.

Here is how you can improve your lead response time with the help of lead management software:

Pay Attention to Your Calendar

With marketing automation and lead management software, you can work to create a schedule to go by. You can organize your social media posts, copy, and even your emails to publish and send these items at certain times to reach your leads. But with lead management software you can use analytics to see how well you are targeting leads. Perhaps you will find that you are not sending out your content in the right time based on the response, or lack of response of leads. Fixing your content schedule with the help of lead management software can help you see improvements in lead response time.

Work to Engage Leads to Interact

When you reach out to leads in social media posts and emails, are you sending the right messages? Sometimes what you are lacking is the interest point, the focus of the email that encourages leads to respond to your messages in the manner that you want them to. To improve lead response time, try incorporating more engaging content, or special offers and deals in your posts and emails. With more engaging content, you will see improved lead response time as leads will be more invested in your products and series and will feel the need to respond to your marketing efforts by checking out what you have to offer. This will help get leads to your site and help you improve the success of your marketing efforts.

Real-Time Alerts For the Ultimate Win

Under certain lead management systems and/ or marketing software, you can get immediate alerts when leads interacts with your content, messages and website pages. With tracking analytics, you can set up specific alerts to notify you when leads do different things, like click on pages, open emails, or delete messages. You can see it all, and get these real-time alerts of what is going on, even when they haven’t reached out and responded to you yet. You can get these updates to help you understand what your leads are thinking by getting notifications of their actions, which will give your insight that will tell how your marketing efforts are working. Look into these real-time alerts with your lead management software to help you gauge the interest of your leads, even when they have yet to physically respond to your efforts. This will help you improve your efforts and hold you over until you actually get real responses from your potential clients. Until you can improve your lead response time directly, it will give you the insight you need to see who is interacting with your content, and see what is and what is not working within your marketing campaign.

Follow-Up In a Timely Manner

If you want your leads to be courteous and respond in a timely manner, you need to return the favor. With social media and other forms of online communication, you can work to be active on these sites to improve the two-way communication efforts of your company. Working to improve your online presence in this manner to aid your clients will help them gain trust in you and your business, and will encourage your leads to respond sooner knowing that you are ready to help them and get back to them as soon as you can. Making your leads a priority is key, and with the help of lead management software you can increase your ability to manage your online presence by keeping everything organized and allowing you to set up alerts when leads reach out wo you can get back to them in a timely manner.

Getting responses from your leads can, at times, feel like pulling teeth. It can be a tricky task, but with the help of lead management software, you can work to gauge the interest levels of your different leads and find ways to target them to improve interactions. With more creative ways of reaching out to your leads, you should be able to find it easier to engage profitable leads to draw in more business. With improved lead response time, you will be able to gauge the interest of these leads and prioritize to improve your sales in the long run.

Brian Carroll from B2Bleadblog.com gave an expert opinion about his experience with lead generation and how to get responses from your leads: “I’ve closed-the-loop on thousands of leads with clients and unquestionably, the speed of follow-up and the degree of lead acceptance by the sales team has a significant impact on ROI. One of my clients; centrally qualifies all their leads (via phone) against their universal lead definition within 2-hours, distributes and requires their field sales force to follow up on those that are sales ready within 8-hours. They generate 12,000 inquiries per year, mostly via their website. If a qualified sales lead is not followed up by the assigned sales person within 24-hours, they can count on a call from their sales manager. If a sales lead goes more than 48-hours before being touched, that sales person risks having that lead assigned to someone else – someone with more selling time capacity. Does that seem a bit too militant for your taste? Perhaps. For them it works. They have an incredible lead conversion rate, which is triple the number of their industry peers. They are successfully beating three Fortune 500 competitors who are 50 times their size. One final thought, If your sales team cannot turn leads back over for additional lead nurturing you are just throwing a lot of your budget on the scrap heap. We have discovered that 30% – 45% of leads that were not considered viable opportunities by the sales team became sales immediate opportunities within 12-months. This client re-captured a $1.2 million dollars per quarter in revenue by just giving their sales team the ability to hand the baton back and recycle their leads”
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