How to Make Your Landing Pages Mobile-Friendly

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How to Make Your Landing Pages Mobile-Friendly

In just a few days it will be 2016. If you haven’t caught on to the mobile trend by now it is about time you jump on the wagon. Smartphones, iPads, and tablets are here to stay, so mobile-friendly pages on your sites are a must.

To make mobile-friendly landing pages that will win over your mobile users, check out these tips to optimize your landing pages:

Include the Clear Call to Action

Like any other landing page, a mobile-friendly landing page should include a clear call to action that should take the main stage of the page. This call to action should also be included in the direct links that bring users to your site. Mobile users can be especially nit-picky with their searches, so you’ll want to be as clear and honest as possible when you lead them to your landing pages, or else they will find it way too easy to click out of your site. Keep it clear and keep your leads.

Focus on the Point

As your call of action should be the main point of your landing pages, make sure you keep the focus on that message. Try to keep your pages simple and neat, and make sure that the call to action is expressed cohesively throughout the page. With mobile devices, you can’t be as detailed as you can with typical landing pages, so you are going to have to be as concise as possible and get to the point more quickly to get your message across.

Skip the Extras

On a normal landing page, you may include fun additions like a comment section, navigation tabs, and more widgets that can add depth to your site. But with landing pages designed for mobile use, you’re going to want to leave out these boisterous additions. While these can be helpful, on mobile devices they simply take up needed space, and clutter the landing pages. The key point to remember is that these landing pages will be seen via smaller screens like tablets and smartphones, so you need to save your space, and optimize the necessary parts to ensure the success of your landing pages.

Size Does Matter

Now that you have the extra space after taking out the unnecessary add-ons, consider how you should use it. To get more leads and clicks, it can be helpful to ensure that the touch screen buttons are made big enough for the average fingers to click on. Much too often, sites will have tiny buttons and exits that frustrate their potential clients. Keep your leads at ease by accommodating their mobile use with customized buttons and links.

Use the Right Technology

This is a mistake made much too often by many businesses. With cool sites including video, images, and fun downloads, companies try to use fun technology to accommodate these attractions. But the issue then becomes that viewers do not have the latest software and updates to access these widgets. If your leads can’t view your site successfully, you can guarantee there is no chance of a sale happening anytime soon. Check yourself before you wreck yourself; make sure your technology is up to date and accessible via multiple outlets and devices.

With these tips, you can create mobile-friendly landing pages that can be easily accessed across all types of devices. These mobile-optimized landing pages can boost your sales and reach out to a larger audience, given the popularity of mobile technology. By joining the mobile game, you’ve opened your business up to a new world of opportunities.

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