How To *Successfully* Use Video On Your Landing Page

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How To *Successfully* Use Video On Your Landing Page

Video can be the instant upgrade your landing page, but it’s used incorrectly it can be a complete dud that wastes your time and money. While videos can be an eye-catching way to grab people’s attention and directly say the things you want about your business, you need to know how to make videos that leads will actually want to watch, and how to promote your videos so that they don’t just become irrelevant, along with your website.

To make videos that actually work, and produce the results you are hoping for, check out these tips to successfully use video on your landing page:

Watch Your Length

Repeat after me: “NOBODY HAS TIME FOR THAT.” Now keep that phrase in mind when you are making your videos. While you may thing you have an unlimited amount of time to say and show the things you want in your video, you are actually quite limited. You only have a finite amount of time to catch a person’s attention, and get their approval so you need to start off with something eye–catching, and get all of your information out in a timely manner to ensure than people will keeping watching the video. Lengthy videos significantly cut down the amount of people who will actually take the time to watch it, so get more viewers by keeping your videos as concise as possible.

Keep Your Video Standards High

In your video, you need to display the best image of your company. A home-made video with poor lighting, fuzzy sound, and giggly acuter or speakers isn’t going to do that for you. If you want to appear professional, you’re going to have to make a professional video. If you don’t have the equipment to do that you can rent it, or hire someone to help you do the video. A successful video can do wonders for your landing page, so the investment may be worth it if you are serious about using video on your landing page.

Put An Emotion In Motion

As with any content you post on your site, you want to make sure you are grabbing and keeping in the attention of your audience. This is done by sparking an emotion in them, whether it’s through humor, a showing story, or by showing them a shocking piece of information they have never heard before. You need to bring something new to the table, and make them feel compelled to watch the video and feel a certain way because of it. The best videos are memorable because of the way they made the viewer feel. And with a memorable video, your business will stay relevant to potential clients.

Focus On The Point: The Call To Action

Before you write a script or pick up a camera to begin filming, make sure your video holds and displays a clear message to your audience. Whether you’re showing off your products for them to check out and purchase, to previewing a webinar they should download, you need to give direct instructions and have the theme carry though during the video. Your landing page always needs a clear call to action, and your video is no exclusion. So for a successful landing page video, make sure you don’t forget the most important component!

Don’t Forget About The Page’s Design

While you may be focusing on the video for your landing page, you still need to keep in mind what the page looks like as a whole. Your landing page still needs to be attractive to the eye, and not overwhelm incoming visitors in any way. When you include a video to your landing page, you typically want that to be the main attraction, including the information and the call to action that you want leads to see, so make sure you design your page in a way that highlights the video. To put the focus on your video, keep the page design simple, and include blank space, with a minimum of text and images, so there are no distractions for the potential client as they are viewing your video.

With these tips, you can create and post effective landing page videos that will drive conversions.

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