Inbox Or Junk: Where Are Your Emails Headed? Tips On How To Create Compelling Email Content

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Inbox Or Junk: Where Are Your Emails Headed? Tips On How To Create Compelling Email Content

You can send out thousands of emails to hundreds of recipients, but do you know how many of them are actually being read, or even opened, for that matter?

Email marketing is a crucial part of your marketing strategy, but it cannot be successful if your emails are being immediately deleted or getting sent directly to spam.

To avoid this critical position, correct your mistakes and improve your emails and increase the number that are received by leads with these tips of what to do and what to avoid when creating content for your emails. By following this advice, your emails can vastly be improved with a few simple changes!

DO proofread emails before hitting send.

While this should already be done, it is often overlooked or assumed to be done with spell check or other devices. Don’t rely on the computer to catch your mistakes. Before you send out emails, make sure these emails are foolproof and flawless so that you are representing your company well. When people do actually read your content, a small mistake can be the deciding factor that will land your email in their trash.

DON’T include too many links in the emails you send out.

If you have multiple links to guide your email recipient to your site, you may be misleading them. By overwhelming users with an abundance of links, the clear call to action they need is missing. If you use one clear link to direct them, you will get much more traffic on your site and your emails will be much more effective.

DO keep your emails short and sweet.

If your emails include information that the receiver will find useful, make sure you get right to the point. If you overload the receiver with a page full of text, the message may get lots in the sea of words, along with your message, and ultimately, your reputation. Keep your content clean and simple, and increase the odds of it actually being read by those who will find it helpful.

DON’T overgeneralize your audience.

When sending out emails, make sure that you tailor them to the needs and desires of your audience. Don’t group everyone together. Instead, separate leads from potential leads and such, that way you can send out different messages. For those who already show a sense of commitment to your business, send emails that will keep them interested and pleased with your services. For those who are new to your email list, send out emails that have a prompting call to actions that will create more conversions. This will help you make better connections through your emails and gain more clients.

DO continue to test and improve your content.

This goes without saying, that technology and trends can tremendously change over time. What once may have worked for your company could now be wrecking your company’s reputation. Make sure you avoid the latter by constantly testing your copy to find out what is working and what isn’t and then find ways to improve your content. No matter how solid your emails are, there is always room for improvement.

DON’T send out content without a purpose.

Yes, it is important to stay on top of your game and keep in touch with leads, however, flooding the inboxes of your leads will prompt to more people to unsubscribe from your emails. To avoid crossing the best-fit line for the number of emails you send out, make sure the content will benefit the reader. Don’t just send emails out mindlessly; make sure there is a clear purpose. If the content is not directly beneficial for the reader and does not give a clear call to action, it wastes both their time and yours, and will result in the deletion of your emails. Keep your content on point to keep your emails in their inboxes.

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