Include these 4 Social Media Marketing Tactics in Your New Year's Resolution

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Include these 4 Social Media Marketing Tactics in Your New Year's Resolution

As the New Year approaches, some things ought to be left behind. With the radical trends of 2015, some of our social media marketing tactics are included. It is time to incorporate new strategies into our social media marketing campaigns to keep up with the trends. New Year, new social media tactics, that’s how the saying goes, right?

Be sure to look out for these 4 trends in social media marketing that you should be following in 2016:

Keep up with the new technology and updates

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are constantly changing and improving. With their improvements and updates, your company’s tactics should be improving as well. With updates like tracking your leads and their social media usage to even using live video to communicate with customers via live streaming on Facebook, your business should be taking advantage of these updates and should be using them to stay on top of the social media marketing game. If you don’t take advantage of these updates, you can bet your competitors will!

Collaborate with successful social media sites and individuals

Nowadays, being a social media star can make you mega bucks. So why not latch on to the success of these stars to gain more attention and business for your site? You can hire these social media influencers to mention your site on their posts, create content for your site, or even collaborate in videos for your company. This will certainly be a marketing investment your company will have to pay for, but depending on the success and the relevance of the person to your business, you can see great results from this type of collaboration. Consider investing in this type of social media tactic to quickly gain followers and see the attention your business needs!

Be more considerate of your followers

As social media and the internet grow more invasive and intimidating, it can be better to give your leads some space and privacy. This is something that has become relevant on social media, and is a topic that most, if not all, individuals care about when putting their information online. To gain the trust of your leads, try to respect their privacy, and stay away from the invasive tactics many companies use to market to their clients. These tactics can give you some insight into what your followers are into, but it can ruin the trust between you can the lead, and can also make your business appear like a spam advertisement on social media. It’s always better to keep it classy and respectable on social media.

Improve your videos

If you thought videos have hit their limit on social media sites, you are about to have the biggest wakeup call of your life. It is expected that video will continue to grow within the next few years and makeup a large part of social media posts in 2016. So to keep up with the trends and ensure that your business stay relevant, get working on your video making skills and make sure your technology is up to date. Video is something you’ll want to invest in for your social media marketing campaign, and will surely be a prominent tactic used for years to come.

Keep up with these trends to make sure your business has a successful year of social media marketing in 2016. Time to leave behind your old tactics, and start to revamp your social media marketing campaign just in time for the New Year!

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