Is Your Content Shareable? It Can Be With These 6 Tips

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Is Your Content Shareable? It Can Be With These 6 Tips

It takes more than a well written piece of content to get likes, shares, favorites, and retweets. In order to create a shareable piece of content, you need to understand all of the components that make up a shareable piece and go into creating the content with those concepts in mind.

Creating shareable content is not always easy, but with these basic components of popular content, you can improve your content and expand your online presence:

Create Relatable Headlines

Even the best written copy will be overlooked with a dull or overly professional headline. Get people’s attention with eye-catching copy by appealing to their self-interest, invoking curiosity, and sharing news. Make it a goal to incorporate at least two of these qualities into your next headline and you’re guaranteed to see more clicks.

Evoke Emotion

Whether you are featuring an adorable puppy in a promo video for your company, or writing about the dangers associated with opting for your competitors, evoking excitement and emotion within your audience is the entire goal. If your content does not stir up some kind of feeling, then it is simply pointless. In order to get likes and shares on social media, you must connect with people in a way that makes them feel compelled to share. With eye-opening and informative content, you can still achieve this level of excitement. The idea is to create content with the goal of getting a grand reaction from your followers. This is the only way to make your content memorable and shareable.

Be Likeable

This seems like a no-brainer, mostly because it is. While people sweat over trying to get likes and be popular on social media, the thing that is often forgotten is your audience. Instead of thinking what you can do to make the best post, think of your followers. What are they looking for? What do they want? What do they like? Keep these questions in mind so that you can tailor your articles, videos, and posts to their liking. With good content, you should see the likes you deserve, and from then on the likes will keep pouring in. The more likes a post has, the more likely who come across it and see the big numbers will feel obligated to like and maybe even share the post as well.

Be On Your Toes

Staying in the know with trends, pop culture, and the daily news is important. By keeping up with what is going on at all times, you can react fast if something happens that will make for a good post or piece of content. With certain events and unexpected occurrences, a quick blog post or social media update can get loads of engagement if you time it right and make sure your content will attract the masses.

Be Socially Responsible

A major part or being a well-respected business is helping others and giving back. Not only will this be a rewarding experience, but it will help you gain credibility as well as popularity on social media. If you can write copy for your site or to publish on social media showing off the importance of helping or raising money for a certain charity and mentioning what your brand has done, or will do for this charity, then you will likely gain more likes and shares from supporters of the cause. By writing content to invoke a relationship and by working together to help a cause, you will gain credibly and get more people to share your post. Landing you with more clients and a pristine reputation. By supporting causes and giving back, you will gain followers and paying customers in return.

Give Incentive

If shareable content has been a longstanding struggle for you, there is likely a last resort option you have yet to consider: offering incentives. Rewarding your followers for liking and sharing your content with discounts, potential coupon, freebies, and prizes, will result in instant popularity on social media. People love winning prizes and by giving people a chance to do so, they will give your business a chance in return. Karma can work in your favor here.

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