Lead Generation Tips to Use on Your LinkedIn Pages

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Lead Generation Tips to Use on Your LinkedIn Pages

LinkedIn is easily one of the best social media platforms to use to conduct business. Form making networking connections and hiring employees to using connections to get more sales, the opportunities are endless. Here are some great ways to use LinkedIn to your advantage and generate more incoming leads.

Search for Connections

To grow your business, you’re going to have to grow your list of connections. To do that you can easily use your LinkedIn profile to make the right connections. You can use it to make connections with leads, and even just with other people who can find you leads. Add friends, business allies, and even some business competitors to add new leads. You never know where you can find opportunities.

Put Yourself Out There

Don’t be afraid to reach out to new people as well as the connections you already have. After adding people, send out a friendly note. This note could include some greetings, a thank you for them accepting your request to add them to your page and even a small reminder of your business and what you offer so they can keep it in mind. You never know when they may take you up on the offer.

Join Some Groups

A nice part of LinkedIn is the ability to join specific groups that relate to your company and clientele. You can join groups to get updates about what is new in the field, and to help you find more connections. These connections may be the best kind of connections to make because as leads they are more appealing due to their piqued interest in your business and the field. Finding these connections can put you on the fast track to new sales.

Be an Active Communicator

After adding yourself to related groups don’t be afraid to start discussions. By adding your educated opinion, or asking important questions, you can not only reach out and find leads by putting your name out there, but you can also learn from other educated individuals in the business, which is a win-won for your company.

Check Out Who is Checking out Your Profile

An interesting feature that is unique of LinkedIn is the ability to see who has viewed your profile. When a person views your profile, you can take advantage of the opportunity by reaching out to them directly, and seeing if they are seeking out your services. This way you can work to convert them by appealing to their direct needs and intentions. The lead generation work was basically done for you by LinkedIn.

Use the People Feature to Your Advantage

On LinkedIn, you can use the People feature to find new connections based on the groups you follow and the connections you already have. These suggestions can bring some great leads directly to you to add with just a click of a button. Thanks LinkedIn.

Buy Some Ads to Display on LinkedIn

Ads on social media can have great results. But ads on LinkedIn can find you even better results. With ads for LinkedIn, you can promote your company to people who are serious about professional matters and the field in which you do business. These are the serious leads intent on buying, the most valuable types of leads you want to acquire. Go get ‘em tiger.

These LinkedIn lead generation tips will instantly help you grow your base and get the leads, and sales, that you are looking for.

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