LinkedIn Features That Will Boost Your Sales

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LinkedIn Features That Will Boost Your Sales

Your business’s LinkedIn profile is pristine. But are you seeing the results you want? With LinkedIn there are so many awesome tools and features that can help take your company to the next level.

If you want to see your sales got through the roof, check out these LinkedIn features you should be taking advantage of:

Change Your URL

Many of you probably haven’t noticed this, or bothered to try it if you have, but there is an option to change your LinkedIn page’s URL and it can be highly profitable to your brand. Your current URL may include your name somehow scrambled up in a jumble of letters and numbers. You can clean it up, and add certain keywords that will make it easier to search for and that will help it come up in search engine results much more often. Changing your URL can increase the traffic to your page, and more traffic makes for more leads, and more sales in the long run.

How You’re Connected

This tool can be useful to search out potential leads. LinkedIn often recommends people you may know, and have mutual connections with that give you a secondary connection. By checking to see how you are connected and if your mutual connections were clients, you can reach out to these connections to see if they want to connect for similar reasons. By reaching out and showing that you have a common network of friends and followers, you may be able to attract new customers who were looking for some credibility in your business, and found it in their mutual connections. It’s like a non-direct recommendation for the lead.


Similar to name-dropping on other social media sites like Twitter or Facebook, when you tag someone in your comment or post, they will get a notification that you mentioned them. With these mentions, you can attract the attention of perspective customers with witty posts, or targeted comments to help persuade them into becoming active customers. This will also show other potential clients that you are willing to take the time to reach out to individuals and engage in a two-way conversation with them, which takes your company to a whole new level of quality of customer service.

Check To See Who Has Looked At Your Profile

This tool may seem like an odd feature at times, but it can be extremely useful to getting beneficial leads. By seeing who has been checking your business out, you can see who already has searched out your services with intent. These people are likely familiar with your work and have some interest in your business. By reaching out to these individuals with a personal message, you are targeting potentially valuable leads. This personal message from your business could be exactly what they needed to be convinced that your work is worth their time, and your business will likely see an increase in income.

Request Recommendations

As you know, LinkedIn is like an online resume and job application combined in one. All of your professional excellence is displayed proudly on your page, including the recommendations of people who applaud you and your business. These serve as good reviews for your company, and the more the better! To help gain credibility on your company’s LinkedIn page, reach out to customers and partnering businesses to write a recommendation on your page. By adding to the number of happy clients, prospective ones will have much more trust in your business, which will pay off in sales.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

While there are many valuable assets of LinkedIn that can help you increase your sales, there is a set of tools that have been created with this purpose in mind. These aspects are not included in the original site, but can be purchased to further your company’s profits. The LinkedIn Sales Navigator offers a variety of features that were designed with the sole purpose of helping businesses increase their productivity. These tools include lead recommendations, salesforce and account importing to connect your CRM and other tools in one place, advanced searches with lead builder, and more. Those fully committed to making more profits and have the means to do so should invest in this LinkedIn tool.

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