Lugg, the new moving app here to save the day

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Lugg, the new moving app here to save the day

No longer are the days where you have to beg your friends to help you move to your new place, or request a delivery from a pricey service when you purchase new furniture. Now, we can rest easy knowing that the new Lugg app is available to help us.

Lugg, a new on-demand app, has been designed to solve the moving issues of those without a car, or a vehicle large enough to store and transport the items people need to move. Now, with the use of the app, people can find the ride, and the space for their belongings, in just a matter of minutes. Similar to the concept of apps like Uber, or Lyft, Lugg has been designed to not only pick people up, but to service their large belongings as well.

To use the app, one simply downloads it, then sets the location of their pickup and drop off. Next, the user then snaps a picture of the item they need transported, so drivers can determine if they can lift it and fit it in their vehicle. Once this is done, a car or truck will be on their way and should arrive within 20 minutes with two movers to help lift the item. Yes, you heard right, they even help you lift the item in and out of the vehicle and into the location you need.

Lugg really does have it all covered.

And the possibilities of how to use the app are endless. While many would assume the best way to use it would be for moving purposes, it can be used for other reasons. You can use it to donate items to Goodwill and have the drivers drop them off, or drop off junk to the junk yard. You can even transport items you are selling off sites like Craigslist, without even having to go with the drivers to drop off or pick up! Or, if you are trying to purchase an item in a furniture store, you don’t have to waste the money and spend an outrageous amount on a delivery service that will take days. You can instantly get it picked up to take home right away, at a fraction of the price. You simply pay them right through the app, and no need to worry about having cash to tip them given that it’s all done electronically through your mobile device.

Like any of these ride-share applications, the amount you pay depends on the demand, the location, and the number of miles the ride takes. Factoring in the extra work of the workers who have to lift and transport the item, a ride will cost a bit more than a typical Uber ride, but will still run much less than most delivery services and rent-a-truck capabilities.

As of right now, the app is still in its early stages. It was created by Jordan Brown and Eric Kreutzer of San Francisco, Calif., and as of right now is currently blossoming in parts of the state. While it is not yet available across the nation, the startup has high hopes for the future, considering the popularity and feedback it has received thus far.

Keep an eye out for Lugg, it could be coming to a town near you. And as for its co-founders… let’s just say they are onto something big. Time to take some tips from the startup professionals.


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