Manage All Aspects of Affiliate Relationships in One System

Wouldn’t it be great if your lead management system also allowed you to track your affiliates’ work and pay them based on production? You now have the capability to manage your affiliates’ leads through the same system that you pay them, bypassing the problems associated with managing multiple systems to track and pay affiliates.

With LeadPath, you can see exactly what your affiliates are doing in real-time. You can manage and track an unlimited number of affiliates to determine who is generating the highest amount of leads for your sales staff and who is not performing well. With real-time data, you can manage and adjust your affiliate strategy to take advantage of high-performing sources. You can also manage and pay your affiliates through the best channels, whether that’s revenue sharing or straight pay-out. No longer do you have a separate system to track affiliates’ performance and another system to pay them. You manage it all in one place.


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