Mark Zuckerberg Making Waves with New Filming Capabilites

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Mark Zuckerberg Making Waves with New Filming Capabilites

It seems as though every time you go online, there is something new that Zuckerberg and the Facebook empire is completing. Being the face of such a large company comes with responsibility, and for a young CEO, Zuckerberg has some interesting tactics up his sleeve.

Facebook has added many new updated recently and the company has been working on new technology to change the way people interact virtually. But the latest new technology designed by Zuckerberg and his minions at Facebook is truly revolutionary.

While Facebook has added many new feature to improve video filming and streaming, the latest technology the company has created will allow people to film video in a way that will catch all angles. This new technology is a camera that will catch 360 degrees of what is being captured on film, through the use of a stereoscopic three dimensional camera. This camera uses 17 different lenses to catch all the angles and provide video that will blow the minds of all viewers, as nothing like it has been seen before.

Earlier this month, Facebook debuted the concept for a conference held in San Francisco, and shared their progress that they have been working on this new model for about a year. The company plans to add this camera to the Facebook name, calling it Facebook Surround 360.

As this camera seems to simply be the latest stepping stone on the way to turning this world into a virtual reality kingdom, Zuckerberg shared his true inspiration behind the new device. As his four month old daughter Max is becoming more mobile, Zuckerberg hopes to catch her first steps on video. But being the technological genius that he is, Zuckerberg wanted to film these monumental steps in the best way possible: in 360 surround video, making it not only a breakthrough moment for his family, but also for the world, with the implementation of this awesome new camera.

But what is the real kicker here is Zuckerberg’s laisse-faire mindset about the technology. As the technology is almost ready to debut, Zuckerberg is taking the care-free approach about the designs of the new camera. The blueprint, aka the mathematics and software designs behind the masterpiece, will be openly shared, meaning that other companies can take the designs to work and create their own models of the 369 degree camera.

With this tactic, Zuckerberg simply wants to improve the virtual world online and improve video for all. Instead of being selfish and taking the opportunity to make loads of money off of this design, Zuckerberg is willingly sharing the software and allowing others to take part in creating their own similar software.

Facebook is not the only company that has started work on such a camera, though. Nokia, Jaunt and Google are amongst the other companies working on similar technology, but Facebook hopes to share their designs of the camera with 360 degree filming capabilities with their sole mission to “connect the world.”

Facebook says they are planning to share the designs sometime this summer.

Zuckerberg is at it again with his mission to connect the world and work together as a global community to improve. His selfless ways were seen earlier this year, as he gave away millions of dollars after his daughter was born.

Given, the technology mogul has plenty of money to share, this latest tactic helps the company gain more respect and remain at the top of the social networking community.

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