Marketo Looking For Possible Partner in Microsoft

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Marketo Looking For Possible Partner in Microsoft

Microsoft is looking to up its game and its online presence, especially in the world of marketing. Their next stop? Marketing automation software, hopefully. The company is looking to branch out and get more involved with other current companies in the industry, and they’ve got their eyes on Marketo. Big, hungry wolf eyes.

Marketo, a mid-level marketing automation and digital marketing company, is looking to find potential buyers in order to expand their base. As they are looking to work their way to the top of the marketing automation world, their need for financial backers is key to their potential for success. And Microsoft is prepared to be a part of their plan to expand.

But Microsoft isn’t the only major corporation in line to support the goals of Marketo. Other companies with deep pockets are also looking to invest in the digital marketing upstart.

Marketo is currently working with financial analysts with the Morgan Stanley group to find a software company to help fill their needs; their diminishing pockets and their technology insufficiency. With the help of a software giant like Microsoft, the company hopes to partner on future projects to expand their abilities in the world of marketing automation software.

So far, Microsoft is one of the top names on the list of suitors that Marketo is looking to partner with, but other major software companies like Adobe and SAP are still top contenders on the list.

As for now, Marketo is still weighing their options. As for the financial backers, this could mean a potential partnership, or even simply acquiring the company as a whole, to have under the name of the software company.

As of lately, the company has done well on the market, and has gained tens of millions this quarter alone. Currently, the estimated worth of the brand is about $1 billion dollars. But this is still not enough, so expansion is still on the horizon.

But while several companies are vying for the opportunity to buy out the Marketo name, what’s in the best interest for the brand? It would appear as though a software company like Microsoft could help take the digital marketing software company to the next level. Perhaps a partnership with the Microsoft organization is just the kind of investment the founders of Marketo are looking for…

Yet, Marketo has still postponed their decision. But they can’t wait too long. The company may be having a successful year, but at its current size and financial status, it cannot yet keep up with the major brands in marketing automation. What market needs to do to compete is to create a better automation system, which combines several digital marketing abilities, similar to the marketing automation software that their competitors produce. A more competitive product, combined with their initial success, could place them at the top of their game. With a little help from a potential buyer, of course. Keep your eyes peels for a possible Marketo and Microsoft partnership, for that could be the potential future of marketing automation software.

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