Monster Takes Over Jobr App

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Monster Takes Over Jobr App

June has yielded many new acquisitions in the software industry. First, there was the big buyout of LinkedIn by the Microsoft Corporation, which is still in the works. Now, it’s the buyout of startup company Jobr, an online job seeker application. The company has been acquired by the job searching site Monster.

Jobr, a mobile application that helps job seekers search for and apply to jobs, is based out of the San Francisco Bay area. The startup has been described as, “Tinder for Jobs” given its ability to bring new job opportunities to seekers and they have the options to learn more about ones they are interested in.

Users of the Jobr application have the ability to upload their resume or connect their profile with other social media profiles such as their Facebook or LinkedIn page. Based on the information disclosed on the users profile and within their resume, the application brings attention to job openings that may be of interest to the app user. The application also works to connect job recruiters with job seekers to help people find their perfect fit.

Jobr has been recognized as one of the top 15 business applications as it can be a great aid in the job search for people of many different industries. The application supposedly has millions of users and has offered over 100 million different jobs within their application.

But before Monster acquired the Jobr application, they too tried their hand at a similar job seeking application. The Monster application, however, was not nearly as successful as the Jobr app. Coming it at number 33 on the list of the top business apps, the Monster app has fallen behind the Jobr app, increasing Monster’s motivation to acquire the Jobr app and all its success.

Yet, with the new acquisition of the Jobr application, Monster has some plans to change and improve. Monster intends to add additions that help to improve the easy sign on to the application, and also add features that allow users to easily sign up to Monster through the application.

Combining the strengths of the Jobr app and Monster.com, the company hopes to gain some height in the job seeking industry, giving them even more leverage online and with the use of mobile devices. These two prosperous job seeking sites can help each other improve the Monster brand, or so the owners hope.

Monster President Mark Stoever hopes that by combining the good qualities of both applications, the combination of the successful features will make an even better application for job seekers. He commends the success that the creators of the Jobr application had, and only hopes to push this success further, creating an improved job outreach outlet in which recruiters and job seekers can find better connections, so that job seekers can see better fits in their future positions. The main goal is to create a better overall connection for their clients.

As of now, the Jobr group will simply be joining the Monster brand, and will be in the process of changing and improving the application, but will remain at their San Francisco location at the Jobr office.

Let’s see if this new combination will change the online job-seeking industry.

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