Move Over San Fran, Toronto is Taking Over As Top City For Tech Startups

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Move Over San Fran, Toronto is Taking Over As Top City For Tech Startups

Perhaps Canada would be a nice place to live after all. With so much hope and success happening in a nice city right over the border, it might just be a good place to start up a technology company, as the horizon seems to be bright.

Recently, Toronto has been recognized for its success in business endeavors, especially in those sectors involving new tech startup companies. These fast-forward companies are making waves in the industry, and are proving to make Toronto a great place to pursue tech business endeavors.

With all the success lately, those with deep pockets are even actively searching out new ideas and people to fund to help support new startups. These financial backers are looking to invest in ideas and people that will show the same success as the current startups, bringing them a great return on investment.

But why Toronto, you ask? Toronto has lots to offer for those looking to launch their tech startup…

It’s a fast growing city.

Toronto is one of the top cities in Canada and has undergone lots of construction and new additions in the last few years. The city is a big technology hub-center for North America, and it continues to impress. The Queen West neighborhood in Toronto has been specifically recognized for being one of the top neighborhoods in North America, and is home to several success startups along with nice housing, beautiful scenery and more.

There’s a strong precedent set for success.

The city is already known for its technology industry. With several successful tech startups already under their belt, a strong foundation has been set for new startups. With a strong and welcoming backbone in a top 5 city within North America, what more could a tech startup hopeful ask for?

You can feel safe and healthy knowing you can afford your healthcare plan.

Oh, Canada. Your underrated politics continues to elude the minds of Americans. While we continue to fight for what we think is right, your fast-forward thinking has already allowed for more affordable healthcare, a beaming gem Americans can only dream of. Living and working in such a country where you know you can afford and receive the healthcare help you need is a secure enough reason to move there itself. Bravo, Canada.

The local government is on your side.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the government on your side as you pursue your business goals? Well, the Canadian Federal Government along with the Ontario Provincial Government both work together to support the invention and innovations of new technology. With several initiative to help protect, fund and serve companies, the government system is sample working to support tech startups and the future of technology.

Transporting to and from work will be super simple.

From easy public transportation, to the nice quick location of the Toronto airport, doing business in the city has never been so easy. With an international airport within walking distance of the city, clients, business partners, and traveling businesspeople like yourselves will see a decline in stress levels traveling around the city of Toronto.

With these perks, it’s no wonder that Toronto is the new hot spot for Tech startups. Perhaps it’s time to try your hand in the tech industry…

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