NFL To Bring Live Streaming to Twitter

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NFL To Bring Live Streaming to Twitter

At last, football fans can have the best of both worlds. For the real sports fan found surfing the web as the game plays just to see every last update and response of the Twitter titans, your prayers have been answered with the latest decision made by the NFL.

The National Football League has been working with Twitter to be able to stream the next season’s game live on the social media platform. After making the decision to go with lives streaming, the NFL has decided to work directly with Twitter to bring the games right to the social newsfeed for viewers to watch as they tweet.

As for now, the plan is to stream the Thursday Night Football games of the 2016 NFL season live through the social media platform, so it can be viewed across multiple devices. There will be ten Thursday Night Football games, and each of them will be filmed and broadcasted by CBS and NBC and can also be viewed on the NFL Network.

But as for these ten Thursday Night Football games that will be streamed live on Twitter, all audiences with a Twitter account will be able to have access to view these games. The games can be viewed via smartphone, tablet, computer, or whatever device used to access the social media platform. But the best part is that these NFL Thursday Night Football games will now be available for everyone to view for free. So those without cable or these extravagant sports network channels will be able to view all of these games at their own convenience.

Along with filming and broadcasting the entirety of the games, the NFL will also stream other bits on Twitter, like highlights of the game, pre-game broadcasts, and interviews with players, fans and coaches, all through periscope. With this, the NFL along with their partner Twitter, wish to bring their viewer the best experience and give them a taste of what life is like on the field, and in the stadium. The groups simply want to bring NFL fans the best viewing experience they can get, without actually being at the game.

With this new viewing experience, the corporations are working together to optimize the online experience and the viewing of such sporting events. As Twitter already has a fast-paced newsfeed which is constantly updating, especially during these NFL games, this partnership is simply combing two-favorite things of mega-fans: Live streaming of the game, and fast-paced sports talk and updates.

This new update has been in the works for a while, as the NFL and Twitter have had an alliance since 2013, when they became partners to create the Twitter Amplify program. Just last season, the NFL tested out the streaming service by streaming one of the regular season games live on Yahoo! Through their partnership with Twitter, the NFL hopes to bring the games to a larger audience, and make a digital breakthrough as social media and sports are combined in one setting.

With this streaming service, the partnership hopes to improve the viewing of the games, and bring the games to more people located around the world. With the live streaming of last year’s Bills versus Jaguars game, there were viewers from over 185 countries around the world, with 33 percent of viewers tuning in from other countries. Through the new update with Twitter, the partnership hopes to expand on this and bring the NFL and Twitter to the next level.

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