Notes from Business Insider’s Interview Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff

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Notes from Business Insider’s Interview Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff

Everyone knows Salesforce: the company that brought CRM systems to an art form, that raised the expectations of marketing for small business owners, that changed the marketing game for marketers. But how well does the average individual know the face behind the company? Do you even know the name Marc Benioff?

Well, Business Insider was able to get the inside scoop behind the mind of Benioff, which include some radical decisions, such as why he likes to give back, and why he has decided to delete his Facebook account. Yes, you read that right, an online marketing mogul deleting his Facebook account.

So let’s review some of the key point discussed in Benioff’s interview with Business Insider, shall we? Here are the takeaway point you should know:

He is a big philanthropist in San Francisco.

When Benioff founded Salesforce, he also started salesforce.org, a site dedicated to giving back and showing the good work that at the company is doing for the company. The company’s goal was to always give back 1% of profits, 1% of their product and 1% of the employees’ time to salesforce.org. This initiative helps the company stay grounded, and helps the organization as a whole give back to the community. Benioff has continued to support other local initiatives as well, such as giving out grants for employees to go back to school, and helping to give money to prevent homelessness in the San Francisco area.

Benioff supports equality in many matters.

While Benioff has been in the media for his criticism of anti-LGBT laws in several southern states and his decision to take his business out of account supporting these laws, he also has made other initiatives towards equality on all levels within his own company. During the interview with Business Insider’s Matt Rosoff, Benioff said that a couple of women within his company brought to his attention the inequality of pay between the men and women of Salesforce. He knew it was a major issue across the country, but especially in the industry, yet he could not believe there was such an error happening within his own company. After looking into it, he found that there was over a $3 million difference, which he felt was wrong. Benioff decided to make the adjustment to even the paying field for his employees, and changed the HR works. He has acknowledge that the technology industry, among many other major industries, has a major imbalance of pay to male and female employees.

He deleted his Facebook account.

You’d think every tech guy, especially an online marketing mogul like Benioff himself would be well connected across all social media sites, but that’s not the case. Benioff claims that the constant draw to social media overwhelms him. So to deal with the stress, he decided to cancel his Facebook account. To unplug a bit, Benioff pulled away from the daily distractions of the site, yet still uses his twitter for work-related purposes, along with the Salesforce site, and his email. He sticks to those main forms of online interaction and tries to limit his time online to find some work-life balance in his life.

Marc Benioff seems to be doing just fine with his company, and a lot of it has to do with his mindful business and life practices. Perhaps taking a few notes from him could help your company find more success…

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