On-Site SEO Strategies

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On-Site SEO Strategies

Your site’s SEO is not out of your hands. There is plenty you can do on-site to improve your SEO ratings and see the traffic your site wants and needs.

Try out these on-site SEO strategies to power up your ratings and see the conversions you aim for:

Improve Your Page Titles

When you come up with a title for your site, landing pages, and content, you need to be creative and generate some original and unique titles that will stand out in searches. While you should try to keep your keywords or phrases in mind, you also need to think about what will work best in search engines, and avoid copying others sites. Also, you need to change your page titles so they are not just titled as “index” pages on your sites, because that doesn’t help your SEO status.

Publish Quality Content Consistently

The key to publishing content that gets the best SEO results is to first focus on the quality of it. You need to make sure the writing and material that goes on your site is good, not only because it is a representation of your brand, but also because it will not get the best results is search engines. These search engines have a good way of weeding out the poor quality content, so if you publish content that does not meet their standards your site won’t get any traffic.

Now, we all can figure out what is quality content and copy, like which images look best, and what is written well. But good content is also original content, content that has not been copied, reproduced, or directly stolen from other sites. If your work is too similar too other sites, it won’t get the best SEO results. And if you even try to plagiarize without giving credit, you can guarantee you will see consequences.

Once you have the concept of quality content down, you need to work to keep posting new material on your site in a consistent matter. This keeps your site relevant and will help your search engine standings, too. Every good content marketer knows you are in for the long haul.

Keyword Density Is Key

In the copy you write, you should have a good balance of your keywords and phrases mixed in. While keyword stuffing is something you want to avoid, make sure you use your keyword or phrase often, but not where it doesn’t fit. It still needs to read naturally, without the obvious placement of the keywords, or else that will get noticed by the search engines.

Add Social Media Links

If you have links on your site, especially links to other outlets for your content, like social media sites, you should see improvement in your SEO. With these links to your social media pages, you’ll see more interaction, which is good for business, and is also good for SEO. Sites with more visitors fare better with search engines, so the more traffic you get through social media, the better your search ranking will be.

Improve Your Images

It is always important to have quality images and art on your page, but you also need to pay attention to the captions and links you use for your photos. Make sure you include the keywords or phrases in your caption, and that the attachments you use describe the image to help boost your site’s SEO. And as always, make sure to give due credit for photos you borrow from another source, because stolen work is not only illegal, but it also hurts your search engine ranking.

While there are many thing you can do behind the scenes, and off site to improve your SEO, these are simply some easy changes you can make to your web pages that will help improve your site’s search engine favor-ability.

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