Refresh Your Email Marketing Techniques

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Refresh Your Email Marketing Techniques

Email marketing is not a new method of online marketing, so perhaps your tried and true tactics need to be retired. If your old techniques seem stale, it may be time to refresh them and reinvent your email marketing campaign. Check out these tips to help you get a new outlook on email marketing.

Include a sign-up form on your homepage

To automatically get some extra subscriptions to your email marketing campaign, incorporate a form right on your homepage and landing pages so that new leads can sign up easily. Making these sign-up forms available easily can help you increase your incoming leads just because of the convenience level. By putting the form right out in the open where the highest number of people will see it, you will have a bigger chance of increasing your email subscriptions. It’s that easy.

Keep your leads engaged, and work to re-engage inactive leads

A drip marketing campaign is something all email marketers need to keep in mind. Nurturing leads and consistently reaching out through email is vital to keep in touch and stay relevant amongst your potential clients. Make sure you plan out a schedule to keep in touch, and keep your leads engaged. For those who have lost their way from your business, remind them of your company’s great qualities and reach out to re-engage them. They are only an email away.

Filter out the bad eggs

While some leads may simply take longer to convert, some of your email subscribers will be duds. These stagnant leads, may have had potential at first, but the more emails you send out, the less interested they seem. For those that seem to be losing interest, let them go. By giving them an easy out to unsubscribe from your emails, you can narrow down your leads and cut out those with no intention of buying or investing in your business. This way you can focus on your leads of value, and increase your conversion numbers. No more wasting time on the hopeless leads.

Make your emails optimized for all devices

Its 2016. The number of people checking their email from their desktop computer is shrinking, as the number of leads checking their messages from tablets, smartphones and other kinds of mobile devices is rapidly going. With the growth of technology, the popularity of these mobile devices, and the increase of places where wireless internet service is connected allows people to check their emails more often, and from several different platforms. So if your emails aren’t mobile friendly, you’re cutting off a lot of leads. Be sure to be inclusive to your email users of different devices so that you don’t cut yourself off from possible conversions.

Check the time before sending out emails

Something that is not often considered is the time of day and the day of the week in which emails are sent. However, the time can certainly impact how your email is read and the reaction of your leads. Emails sent in the evening, after around 8 p.m. on weekdays, seem to have the best results. This is because most people are home from work and are checking their personal emails. On the weekends, there can still be some success, but some people do not check their emails as often as they do on the weekdays.

Add these easy changes to your email marketing campaign to refresh your strategy and see some fresh leads. You’ll be sure to find success through email in 2016.

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