Report Shows 98% Of Businesses Seek Marketing Automation Software

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Report Shows 98% Of Businesses Seek Marketing Automation Software

For some small businesses, online marketing automation software may seem like a foreign concept. Many of these small businesses currently use alternative methods to market their company, but ultimately these systems are less efficient and more inconvenient. These are the businesses that are not seeing the results they want.

As a result, more small businesses are finally stepping up their marketing game by switching to marketing automation systems. According to a recent analysis by Software Advice, a research firm studying online marketing trends, 98% of small business owners are currently looking for marketing automation software for the first time.

To clarify, Software Advice considers small businesses as companies with revenues under $50 million. However, the study shows that 67% of the small businesses included in the study make $1 million or less a year in revenue. The study represents a sample of 365 randomly chosen phone interactions between Software Advice advisors and small business buyers within the U.S.

This sudden spike in the search for marketing automation software may seem like a shockingly high rate, but it a no-brainer for those looking to improve their marketing strategies.

Marketing automation systems are infinitely more capable of handling the marketing of a business than the alternatives, such as manually managing marketing, or even solely using email marketing or CRM software. In this day and age, manually regulating the marketing of a business is not going to help the company grow at a steady rate, and fails in comparison to marketing software.

But not all marketing software are created equal. Email marketing software can be a good start, but still requires more work for the company to handle. Likewise, CRM software is a great way to keep track of clients to give them the best service, but it is still lacking some crucial feature to help promote the business.

This is where marketing automation software takes the cake. Marketing automation software can ease the lives of the business owners with the many fabulous features included to control the marketing for the company.

These marketing automation systems include features like contact management, email marketing, lead tracking, drip marketing campaigns and follow-up lead management. These are the aspects of marketing automation software that small businesses most want, Software Advice reports.

Small businesses are on the search for marketing automation systems with these features, because their old marketing management strategies have left them with certain needs yet to be fulfilled. The study by Software Advice, shows the small business owners have specific functions they want their marketing automation software to take care of to improve their company.

The most desired improvement expressed by the small business owners represented in the study was improvements in lead management, which was the reason for 27% of the small business owners to shop for marketing automation software. Other prominent reasons why the small businesses are looking for marketing automation software was their unhappiness with their current systems (15%), lack of features within their current systems (13%), and their thirst for company growth (10%).

With marketing automation software, these small businesses can profit from the many marketing benefits provided. Lead management is the main concern when dealing with the marketing of a company, and the features included in marketing automation software is highly capable of inducing progress within companies of all sizes.

Marketing automation systems are not exclusively intended for larges companies, which is a common misconception about the software. Automated software can be affordable and leaves the company in better hands than alternatives systems.

Gone are the days when individuals must manually handle their marketing campaigns. This trend in marketing automation increases small businesses’ need to shop for the software. Marketing automation will take your business to the next level in order to compete and stay afloat in this economy.

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