Ringless Voicemail

Ringless voicemail was developed as a technology which allows you to deliver a voicemail message to a cell phone server without the need of ringing the phone or charging the recipient. It was designed to deliver informational messages without any major alerts. This form of communication is essentially an automated direct voicemail broadcasting mechanism. Recipients don't worry about interruptions and can listen to their voicemail at their convenience.

How does it work?

Ringless voicemail uses direct-to-voicemail technology that sends pre-recorded messages directly to a recipients' voicemail without ringing their phones. It is used by marketers and more as a cost-effective means of increasing inbound call backs. Most people will not answer their phone if they don't recognize the phone number. This is why telemarketing has gone down in popularity.

Long gone are the days when people answered their phones without screening numbers first. Since ringless voicemails prevent interference, recipients can listen to their messages whenever and wherever. Plus, recipients already prefer to screen calls. Listening to a message will let a recipient understand who is calling and why. They can then make the decision whether or not they will return contact. Using ringless voicemail benefits millions of companies and their marketing strategies.

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How is ringless voicemail used?

The ringless voicemail works when other marketing strategies have failed. Phone calls can be screened, email and text messages can be deleted even before reading. With a ringless voicemail, a recipient has a voicemail message waiting for them. Most people like to listen to messages. With ringless voicemail, marketers can deliver their messages to large masses of targeted clients.

Both landlines and mobile phones have a voicemail box where voicemails are received and saved. Ringless voicemails go directly to the voicemail server. They can be personalized by mentioning the name of the receiving party in order to gain more recognition. These types of messages can be as specific as the marketer would like them to be.

The focus is on the end result

Ringless voicemails deliver at a fraction of the cost paid for other direct marketing methods. When 75 percent of business calls end up in voicemail, it makes sense to utilize a ringless voicemail. Instead of ringing customers all day, trying to get someone on the phone--all you have to do is leave an impactful and relevant message.

This isn't about spamming someone's inbox, this is about leaving messages you believe will be useful to the recipient. To illustrate, if your company sells vacuum cleaners and your recipient is a pet owner--then you should know immediately they probably have to clean up pet hair on a regular basis.

Your message might be how your particular vacuum cleaner was designed specifically to pick up pet hair--new and embedded in carpet and furniture. Certainly, you might get a few pet owners returning your calls or logging onto your website. Ringless voicemails were not meant to be used as a means of sending out general messages either--although they can be used in that fashion if you have a campaign and are reaching out to interested parties. It can take many calls to turn a prospect into a lead, and then into a sale. Customers just don't want to pick up their phones any longer. Everyone wants to communicate digitally, but they will listen to messages to see if they're interested. People are still willing to learn of something new, as long as it is relevant to their needs and wants.

Ringless voicemail is feature rich

It can take a whole working day just to make 100 phone calls, and that is only possible if no one answers the phone. Still, can you spew out the same message over 100 times? Not unless you're willing to lose your voice and your sanity. Instead, a ringless voicemail allows you to record one eventful statement which can be shared with thousands and even hundreds of thousands of people. It offers the cost-effectiveness of robo-dialing in a legally compliant form.

Plus, it is really a combination of direct mail marketing and telemarketing--without the annoyance. Turnaround is quick, which can be completed in around 48 hours. Of course, prospects should be highly-targeted. You're not going to sell kale chips to someone who loves fried chicken and ice cream. On average, around 92 percent of recipients will listen to voicemail. Your telemarketing staff no longer has to make repetitive out-bound calls, which yield few results.

You can't expect them to repeat the same message over and over again without a few mistakes here and there. A ringless voicemail only needs to be recorded once per distinct message. This gives you time to sharpen your pitch and add professional excitement to your tone.

If the vast majority of your sales calls never reach the intended person, or end up in voicemail, you are wasting sales time. Plus, on average, most telemarketing salespeople make around 60 sales calls per day. A ringless voicemail can reach thousands or more in a day.

Use time more wisely

Ringless voicemail allows your company to focus on what it does best instead of trying to figure out how to get past the gatekeeper. You no longer have to be put on hold or sent to voicemail. You don't have to repeat your message over and over again. All of those activities cost money and put a wrench in your sales cycle. Instead, turn the tables by letting your prospects call you. Let your sales staff close sales on an inbound call. Take out the repetitive tasks and push your outbound marketing campaigns.

You can leave hundreds or thousands of voicemail messages every day. Of course, this should not be used for unsolicited sales calls or cold calling. You don't want to potentially upset customers receiving unwanted solicitations. It would work for interested prospects who have a need and use for your products and services.

Ringless voicemail offers a means of bypassing dialing hundreds of numbers with little-to-no response. You can become more proactive with your marketing campaigns and start letting the prospects come to you.
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