Ringless Voicemail is Legal and TCPA Compliant

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Ringless Voicemail is Legal and TCPA Compliant

If you struggle to reach customers and clients, there is a way you can send one voicemail to thousands of recipients quickly without ringing their phones or inducing charges. Plus, there won't be any complaints because straight-to-voicemail technology--also known as ringless voicemail--is TCPA compliant and legal. In fact, ringless voicemail never even touches the wireless network since it is delivered straight to voicemail servers. When a message is left directly on the voicemail system, it is non-interruptive. Your prospects and clients can return calls how and when they want. Plus, you don't have to hire outbound telemarketers to leave the same messages on machines day in and day out.

It really does not involve a wireless network

Ringless voicemail does not cause consumer complaints since the FTC and FCC have placed voicemail under the "Enhanced Information Services" category. As a result, voicemail is not regulated. Since there is no ringing or charges, all your prospects have to do is decide if they will listen to the message. Around 92 percent will listen. You won't find suits involving ringless voicemail since recipients aren't required to talk to anyone or answer any inquiries unless they want to. Many companies are also scared of going out of business due to fines.

Does the phone ring?

Part of TCPA compliance is the phone ringing. This bothers the recipient, especially if it is unsolicited. In order to be TCPA compliant, the phone must almost never ring.

It is a non-dialer?

The ringless voicemail has to be classified as a non-dialer. In addition, it must directly deliver to a cell phone voicemail via a landline server. All cell phone voicemail resides on landline servers at their respective phone companies. The good news is ringless voicemail in non-intrusive. In fact, thousands of messages can be delivered within 24 hours.

Messages are not cut off

Ringless voicemail ensures a clear delivery of complete messages. No one has the time or patience to listen to broken messages. Moreover, unclear messages can lead to complaints and compliance issues. All the recipient sees is a pop-up screen alerting them to a new message. You don’t actually have to call anyone.

It is easy to deploy

A ringless voicemail system is Internet and dashboard-based. You can access a user-friendly portal for updates on all of your messages. With over 328 million registered mobile phone users, this technology can help increase call backs and interest for a wide variety of relevant marketing campaigns.

Ringless voicemail is TCPA, FCC and FTC compliance as there, is no direct contact and the recipient is not charged for the call. As a result, it is free of any illegal activities and a safe form of marketing. TCPA only regulates systems which causes consumer complaints. Ringless voicemail is not in the scope of the TCPA since it is a solicited form of marketing. Furthermore, the FCC does not regulate enhanced information services. So, your company can feel peace of mind when delivering ringless voicemails to targeted subscribers.

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