Ringless Voicemail Review

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Ringless Voicemail Review

Ringless voicemail is a way to deliver voice messages to prospects and customers without calling them.

Ringless voicemail systems use server-to-server connections and bypass wireless cellular networks entirely. They use a business landline to deliver a voice message to the phone service provider directly. The provider then stores the message on the server and sends a notification to the customer. There is no call, no interruption of the customer and no charges to access or listen to the voice mail.

The technology offers a lot of benefits to marketers. This article reviews most popular ringless voicemail software and services.

Ringless Voicemail Services Functionality

Most systems available on the market today offer fully-integrated online solutions. This means that you can record your own message, upload it to the website of the service provider, upload or enter the phone numbers and then get your message delivered. Here are some of the features that you need to know about when choosing providers and services:

Wireless carrier compatibility

Ringless voicemail works only with cellular phones. This may sound like a limitation, but in reality, it is not. According to a report by Pew Research Center, in 2015 92% of Americans had a mobile phone of some kind. The number of U.S. adults who have smartphones is 68%.

It is possible that your prospects and customers live only in certain geographic areas. Some wireless carriers may have better coverage in these areas. Because of this, it is possible that a significant percentage of your customers use the company that has better coverage in their area. Make sure that the ringless voicemail provider that you choose is compatible with the most popular cellular provider for your prospects or customers. You can always find out the carrier of a phone number for free by using websites such as http://freecarrierlookup.com/

Message recording

Before sending a ringless voicemail, you will need to record the voicemail message. Some providers allow you to record a message using their smartphone app. Others require that you upload your message in a certain format. Most ringless voicemail providers accept widespread formats such as mp3. Typically, there is a limit to the size of the file but it is large enough so that you can record a message of any length that you like.

Several providers have toll-free numbers that you can call and leave a voicemail that becomes the ringless voicemail that your customers will get.


The price per voicemail drop usually goes down with volume. Most providers offer flexible plans that allow you to send as many as several million ringless voicemails.


If you are doing highly-targeted voice mail drops, you may need to segment the list of the phone numbers you have. Check the minimums and the maximums of messages to make sure that the system can provide what you need.

Campaign scheduling

Campaign scheduling is important if you are a serious marketer who integrates ringless voicemail into a marketing calendar. With campaign scheduling, you can upload and set up multiple campaigns for various time periods. This allows you to save time and manage your marketing efforts more effectively.

Customizable caller ID

A customizable caller ID allows you to enter a phone number that will show up on the phones of your message recipients. Using different numbers for different campaigns can allow you to track the response better and calculate the ROI and effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. You can also use a phone number that will connect recipients of your messages directly to a sales person that is aware of the voicemail campaign and will be able to help those who call quickly and efficiently.

Connecting customers and prospects to a sales person directly is very different from having them call the main number and explain to someone what they are looking for. Direct connection saves time and allows salespeople to build rapport better, which ultimately leads to more sales.

Commitment and expiration dates

Just like with many other services, from wireless carriers to gym memberships, this is something you absolutely need to pay attention to. Some ringless voicemail providers may offer a better price per voicemail drop, but require a commitment of several months. Others may require a commitment to a certain volume of voicemails that you will need to send. Yet others offer plans that come with expiration dates. The best ringless voicemail providers offer a combination of low pricing and pay-as-you-go plans, meaning that there are no commitments or expiration dates.

Tech support

Just like with any other technology, support matters. Choose a company that has direct contact information on its website and that offers technical support during your business hours so that you could solve any issues that you may experience quickly and efficiently.

What do you have to pay for?

Some providers of ringless voicemail may charge you for attempts to deliver your messages. Others will only charge you when they do deliver your message. Obviously, you want a ringless voicemail provider that will only charge you when your messages get delivered. In this case, you have zero risks. If something goes wrong with the technology or if there are issues with your list of numbers, you simply don’t pay anything.

White label/partnership opportunities

If you are a marketing agency, you may be interested in offering ringless voicemail services to your customers. Certain ringless voicemail providers do offer white label and partnership opportunities.

Campaign sending times

Check when the ringless voicemail provider sends the messages and make sure that the times work for your time zone and your goals. Most marketers want their messages to arrive early in the morning, during lunch time or right after work. The reason for such selections of times is that during these times the probability of people checking their voicemail is higher compared to other times.

Overall, according to different studies, between 85% and 96% of consumers check their voicemail, which means that ringless voicemail marketing can be extremely effective when you choose the right provider of ringless voicemail services.

Tracking and calls to action

The best ringless voicemail service providers offer two options for the recipients of the voice mails to get in touch with the senders of the voice mails. The first way is to direct them to a custom web page. The second way is to display a custom phone number in the “Missed call from” field that they can dial with just one tap on their phone.

Review of ringless voicemail service providers

Stratics Networks

Stratics is a powerful all-in-one solution that offers not just ringless voicemail services, but also bulk sending of text messages, voice broadcasting, and advanced IVR surveys.

The platform allows to manage the campaigns online, has a live support from 9 am to 11 pm Eastern time 7 days a week and allows to easily re-dial unavailable numbers.

There is an automatic time zone compliance tool, free compliance tools, and a caller ID cycler.

For ringless voicemail, the platform offers pay as you go pricing that starts at 4.5 cents for 26,000 messages.


Slybroadcast offers scheduling in advance, has an API for developers and a customizable caller ID.

Slybroadcast is different from Slydial. Slydial is an app designed for sending one live voicemail to one phone number at a time. Slybroadcast is a platform that allows to deliver messages to multiple numbers at a time.

The platform requires a 3 months commitment. The pricing starts at 3.8 cents per voicemail drop if you are sending at least 30,000 messages.


Drop offers both scheduling and day-parting, as well as campaign management to track your costs and engagement by any identifier such as publisher or list.

With a desktop application, mobile app, web-based platform, and customizable API, you can use Drop the way that’s best fit for your goals.

The platform has a 10,000 minimum order, with pricing starting at 3.5 cents per successful voicemail drop, but gets rates down to less than 1 cent with volume.

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