SEO And Content Marketing: The New PBJ, If Used Correctly

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SEO And Content Marketing: The New PBJ, If Used Correctly

With the new updates within search engines, there seems to be a stigma with using keywords and SEO strategies in content marketing. While arguments are being made suggesting that Meta descriptions and keywords are irrelevant in Google searches, they really shouldn’t be overlooked in content marketing.

Contrary to popular belief, keywords, and other SEO boosting strategies are still very useful to improve content marketing results and grow an audience. The key is to use them efficient within content to help boost search engine standing.

Here are some great ways to use SEO and Content Marketing in tandem for the best results:

Pick Better Keywords

One of the biggest issues with using keywords is picking the wrong ones. When using generic keywords that are overused by sites similar to yours, your content will not go over well in search engines. This is one of the main reasons why people feel like keywords don’t work; they are simply using the wrong ones. To get keywords that boost SEO in your content marketing efforts, it is vital to pick specific keywords and phrases that relate to your site. This will make it easier for people to search your site, and find your content in search engines. By using original key phrases, over generic keywords, your site will stand out more and will be more optimized for search engines.

Incorporate Keywords within Content

When writing articles for your site, think about what you intend to write about and the possible keywords that will be useful in your article. By planning your keywords before you write, you can purposefully incorporate them within the article to help boost SEO ratings. The important thing, however, is to make sure that the keywords or phrases fit naturally within the piece. Using your keywords strategically within your content can have a positive impact on SEO, but if you overstuff your articles with keywords and phrases that don’t fit naturally, the search engines will catch on and your site will get punished for your mistakes.

Create Quality Content

When trying to boost SEO ratings, people assume that they need to constantly create new content. While new material is important, the focus shouldn’t be on quantity. The quality of these articles has a higher impact on SEO, and by focusing your content marketing strategy around a few high-quality pieces of content, rather than a bunch of articles of lesser quality, your site will gain more credibility and higher search engine ratings, making your content marketing strategy much more successful.

Make Informational Pages and Articles

To combine your SEO efforts with your content marketing strategy in a way that will boost your search engine rankings, as well as improve the credibility of your pages, create articles as well as glossary pages to define key terms. This will help you use keywords and phrases so that they will naturally occur more often on your pages, and it will also be extremely helpful to leads who will appreciate the defining terms about your business that could be confusing jargon they are unfamiliar with. With glossaries, FAQ pages, and informational articles, you can improve your SEO through content marketing and also become a resource for other sites which will indirectly boost your SEO rankings.

When creating content that will fare well in search engines, the key point to remember is to write quality content that will be valuable to readers, and is credible enough to get the SEO ratings it deserves. With that basis, adding in keyword uses, and other SEO strategies, you can use content marketing and SEO together to gain leads and customers.

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