SEO Copywriting Guide to Improve Your Content

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SEO Copywriting Guide to Improve Your Content

Mastering the art of SEO copywriting can be tricky. While creating quality content is always the first priority, getting your content noticed is another necessary component of content marketing. Seo Copywriting helps to combine the two. Here are some tips to help you improve your content through SEO copywriting.

Lock in the Headlines

The first thing readers will see is one of the most important parts of your content. A good healine can attract a reader, but it can also help you attract attention online through search engines. Considering your keywords, you can write a good headline that will be search engine worthy. The ability to write quality headlines that are optimized for search engines, yet still match your content will take you far in content marketing.

Check the Formatting

When writing your piece, pay attention to the aesthetics and the technical parts of the piece. If you are writing a list-style article, or one with several parts, make sure you bold or increase the font size of your headers. This will help it appeal more to the eye of the reader, and will also appeal more to search engines. Search engines like to find organized and well-formatted pieces to highlight in their searches. So make your content SEO friendly by formatting your piece correctly.

Keep Up to Date

When you brainstorm ideas of what to write about, do some research and social media stalking to find topics that are relevant and timely. Including news and trending topics in your content will help it gain attention online. The more relevant and popular the topic is, the higher your chance of getting noticed, as long as you can tie in into your content in a seamless way.

Don’t Overuse Keywords and Phrases

Keeping track of keyword usage is another important thing to do when writing your article. While working to add in keywords naturally should be a goal, be sure that you’re not overstuffing your piece full of these keywords and phrases, to the point of exhaustion. By overstuffing your content, your tactic will be apparent to both the reader and the search engines.

Pay Attention to Meta Information

Contrary to what many have expressed, Meta information actually does play a role in search engine optimization. It may not be the most important aspect to determine your ranking in searches, but taking the time to fill out Meta information is another small step to boost your search engine rankings. Every little action helps in content marketing.

Write with Your Heart

So you are starting to write your article. With all of these things in mind so far, you may be a little overwhelmed. While you should work to included relevant information and topics, and add in keywords to get the attention you want on search engines, the priority should still be your writing. You can’t force an article if it’s not working, and readers can tell if your heart is not in it. So as with any piece of writing, do your research, and find your connection to the piece. Then write, and let it flow. A well-written piece shows passion and creativity, both things that can’t be forced. And a well-written piece of content is the end goal. So keep these SEO tips in mind, but don’t let them completely take over the piece; let your writing shine through!

With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to writing SEO copy that will perform well in search engines and get your business the attention it needs to succeed.

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