Seven Reasons Email Marketing Still Works

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Seven Reasons Email Marketing Still Works

It may (or may not) be Throwback Thursday when you read this, but when we refer to email marketing, we are not trying to do a throwback from the distant past. Although some may remember the days of receiving a “you’ve got mail,” message and be taken back in time to a charming recollection from the early days of the Internet, email marketing is still alive and well today.

Email is still the most preferred method of communication for many people and businesses. It remains so for a variety of reasons. Email is convenient, direct, timely, and it provides what you need to know in the way that works best for the consumer mindset.

Why is email so important? The reach is widespread and also specific to your client’s needs and preferences. It is still an efficient way to invest in your business and continually expand your circle as the potential is limitless.

It is a targeted marketing tool

On most websites you can opt to receive targeted emails. This means that the people receiving your emails have signed up for a reason; they are invested or interested in your product in some way. They desire to hear from you. As the company sending this, you should always reach out to the customer in a direct way that is accessible to them as it will make the biggest impact.

It keeps your clients in the know

As expressed before, part of this type of marketing is that you can reach out to tell your clients about information they might not otherwise see or hear in time. Having a sale? The best way to spread the news is through email! Have coupons? Email is the way to go. The worst outcome is if your client is not informed of the latest events and opportunities you have for them. Nothing feels worse for your client base than finding out about that sale at their favorite store until after the fact. Keep them updated and they will appreciate you for it!

Security and mobility

Those of us who have been raised in the generations of computers knew emails would one day replace "snail mail" as the means to communicate. While it has not completely taken over as the only form of communication, it has in fact made it easier for you in the modern world. You can keep track of receipts, order confirmations as well as other digitally accessible details.

It’s so much more convenient to have digital access today for many documents that used to be mainly paper based. Your clients increasingly prefer to go paperless too. There is safety and assurance in knowing you can access that document wherever you can access the internet. This is a valuable tool; effective and secure for your customers as they prefer.

Cost effective

In any business, cost is king. For a wise business owner, it is crucial to be as cost effective as you can. When using any method to spread news about your business, the data matters. Whether you are sending coupons, sales adverts or any other information about your business, emails will get there in a timely manner and can be scheduled in advance. You don't have to worry about the information getting lost in the mail or getting picked up by the wrong person. The best news is email marketing allows you to keep your budget on track. No more overspending on marketing tools to provide little in terms of ROI.

Business based

Emails are still seen as the most professional method of outreach online. Today, people expect offers, information and contact from businesses via email. You can count on increased click-through rates when you offer promotions or use information.

Many business professionals are not going onto all of the social media sites. Reach out to them directly where they prefer communication for their business transactions and informational needs. Although, it might help to know that 40 percent of Americans read emails while in bed.

Less intrusive

No one wants to be interrupted with telemarketers while eating or enjoying family time. Time at home with your family can be limited with the full work week and plethora of your children’s after school activities, and this is valuable time that is highly guarded by many.

So how is email less intrusive? That answer is easy. It is something that your client chooses to open and read through when they have time. They are not being forced to read it, or open it for that matter. They will likely read it, hoping to find something that conveys a new opportunity meeting their needs, a discount or a free item or promotion. Email is the fun and convenient way of receiving new mail today instead of the old fashioned literal mailbox in the front yard.

Tests the market

This is a great way to see how effective your marketing is simply because you can know how many people replied based on how your sales go up, the volume of calls, web clicks and promotional codes used after an email offer. There are analytical tools available to help do the math and see the benefits, so you know what is working. A good question to test is: Why are people unsubscribing? This will help show you how to improve your reach and meet the real and expressed needs of your client base.

Well, it looks like the results are in. Email marketing is still a highly preferred method to reach not only a wider client based, but a direct and specific way for targeted marketing needs too. This is the best way to remain cost effective, communicate in the way customers prefer, keep everyone updated with what they want to know and a great way to get the data needed for how well you are reaching customers and meeting your goals.

As technology continues to improve, the digital world remains even more so the top choice for many and a way to keep the environment green; a wider mobile reach with a professional business touch. How is email marketing being used to drive your organization’s goals? Today is a great time to start or revamp your email marketing approach now that you know that email is.

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