Should You Try A Long-Form Landing Page For Your Website?

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Should You Try A Long-Form Landing Page For Your Website?

As online marketers looking to improve our business’s webpages, we often assume that short-form landing pages perform the best. But that’s not always the case.

Long-form landing pages serve their specific purposes too, and can be just as successful as their short-form counterparts. You just need to know when and how you should use them.

Here are some guidelines for when and when not to use long-form landing pages:

Use When:

You Need More Time To Convince Potential Clients

When you know you need to instill a sense of need within your prospects, you’re going to have to allow yourself some extra length on your landing page to persuade these leads. This applies when your product or service is something unknown or new to the customers. You’re going to first have to work to show them what they are missing, in order to convince them that they need the product, so this is going to take more time to explain. While you should still try to be as concise as possible, you need to allow yourself as much space as you need to construct your argument effectively.

Your Service Is Pricey

Another time a short-form landing page may fail you is when you are offering a product or service that is expensive. If you try to force your potential customers to make a quick decision to make a purchase with such a hefty price tag, you may overwhelm them. The key here, is to use a long-form landing page, taking the time to explain your product, where the money is going, and why it’s a value that’s worth the price. With your comforting words they will feel much more comfortable spending a larger amount of money, and you also give them more time to think about it without forcing their hand. With a higher price tag, you need to ease customers into your site with a long-form landing page.

You Have A Tricky Thing To Explain

If your product needs to be explained, or needs to be shown how to use, it is best not to rush it. You need to inform your prospective customers exactly how it is used, and clear up any confusion, If there is and frustration or vagueness about the product, you’re at risk of losing clients who don’t trust the product enough to purchase it. To win the leads over, they need to know these details, and they will appreciate knowing all this upfront if they are truly interested in your services.

Basically, as you have probably noticed by now, whenever you need to explain your product or need more time to persuade your clients, use a long-form landing page. It’s that easy!

Avoid Long-Form When:

Your Product Is Straightforward

If you are selling a product that speaks for itself, like clothes, you don’t need to bug your leads with a super long landing page. Stick with a short-from landing page in this situation, because your client likely already know what your business is about, and they just want to see the products and make their own decisions. He more trouble you put them through, the less likely they are to return to your site. With straightforward products, you’re better off keeping your landing page form short and sweet.

There Is No Big Commitment To Your Service

If what you’re asking your potential clients to complete on your landing page is simple, then your site would benefit from a short form page. For example, if your product is inexpensive and sells itself easily, you should let it do that, or if your landing page has a signup form to get email updates you should keep that clean and short to get the client to enter their information so that you can work your lead nurturing magic. In these situations where you can win them over easily, you need to take advantage of that fact and not waste their time, and yours, with a long-from landing page.

There are a lot of factors that go into making a good landing page, but form is certainly one of the defining components that either helps to win over, or to scare away, your leads. With these tips, you should have a better sense of what from will work for your site.

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