Signs Hinting That Your Web Content Is Going To Fail

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Signs Hinting That Your Web Content Is Going To Fail

When creating a website for your company or sharing content on social media to promote it, the content you post is the most important part that can make or break your site. Make sure that you are putting the right content up that is helping, not hurting your business.

Here are some telltale signs hinting that your web content will be unsuccessful:

You use improper language

Spellchecking is taken for granted in the time where it comes automatically with most computer programs. However, the biggest issue nowadays is the text lingo that seems to pop up on websites and on social media posts. From using a “2” instead of the word “to” or going as far to add in texting acronyms like “LOL” or “IDK,” these attempts to seem fun and youthful just make your business look unprofessional and out of touch. To keep up your reliable image, try not to lower your writing standards by using text lingo. You need to keep to convey a clear message at all times, and the shortcut word choices and abbreviations can be misleading and flat out childish. Stick to proper spelling and grammar to uphold your company’s timeless, professional image.

You only talk about yourself in your web copy

This goes for both social media posts and for content you put up on your site. If you go on and on about how great your company is, the history of the brand, and your commitment to customer service, you will be turning away a lot of potential customers. By only talking about yourself, you seem self-centered to the client. Instead, you should focus more on what you can do for the client and how you are committed to them. As for social media posts, mix it up. If everything you post just sounds like an ad for your company, you’re not going to gain followers. Instead of just talking about your business, make sure you share interesting videos or pictures that are not directly related to your business and reach out to friends and followers to hear what they have to say. Don’t make it all about you.

Your web copy is too long

From lengthy posts on Facebook, to that essay you posted on your website, you best believe you are scaring off potential leads. Time is a valuable resources, and no one likes to waste theirs by reading some pointless, lengthy post that could easily be shortened. Make sure you edit your copy down and only include what needs to be published. Keep your social media posts short and sweet so that people will take the time to read it quickly as they scroll through their newsfeed. Twitter was on to something with the 140 character limit, so keep that in mind next time you get carried away with your writing.

You have a generic video made for your business

Whether this is posted on your homepage or on your Facebook timeline, people will not take the time of day to look at it. We live in a time where you can record TV and fast-forward through commercials. People have no patience to sit through a boring infomercial that you post online. If you want to make a video that shows off your service or your products, you need to make them eye-catching and entertaining. Unless this is highly sought out information, no one wants to sit thought your boring informational clip. Keep it real and add some emotion to it or else you won’t get many views and it will ultimately be a waste of time and money.

You use big words in your content

With your service or product, you have to keep in mind your target audience. The technical jargon that you use with your colleagues probably will not fly so well online. If customers cannot understand your message or what your business provides, then they will probably lose interest and find something easier to use. Avoid losing clients by making your messages clear and using basic language. This doesn’t mean you have to dumb it down and use baby-talk to explain concepts, but simply make sure that your message is clear and that your word choice will help convey your message in the right way.

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