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Spice Up Your Site By Adding More Variety To Your Content

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Spice Up Your Site By Adding More Variety To Your Content

When creating content for your site to attract visitors, you need to consider what you are putting out there for leads to see. Consistent content is great, but make sure that the consistent content comes in a variety of themes and formats, to keep things fresh and exciting to prospects visiting your site.

If you’re stuck in a rut, and need some ideas of how to spice of your content, check out these ways to add more variety to your content:

Review Your Product

For customers serious about purchasing your product or investing in your services, it helps to provide some insight of what to expect. By writing a review of the product to feature on your site, you can showcase specific products and offer deals to increase your sales. It can also be quite helpful to add reviews from other customers to the page, to help improve your reliability. A few good reviews can go a long way.

Write A How-To Guide

Many people will likely come across your site in search of information about a product, or looking to ask questions they need answers to. To be the knight in shining armor that your leads are looking for, provide easy guides for how to use certain products, or why they need certain things, to provide readers with more information. This is especially important if your product is confusing, as they may need some more convincing before they choose to make a purchase, so by providing content with this information, you may just be giving your sales a hand as well.

Use Your opinion (Sometimes)

Sometimes, people just want to get the perspective of a real person, not an automated business robot. So make sure your content is supplemented with some videos or blog posts that supply site visitors with a true taste of your honest perspective and insight. People like to see and read about real emotion, and your genuine thoughts will be appreciated.

Prove Yourself With Research

To enhance your site’s credibility, it helps to provide articles with links, and backed up research to prove information that you suggest in your articles. By writing pieces that inform and educate the reader, while providing them with credible sources that backup the information, you gain their trust and appreciation for teaching them something new. A few of these articles in the midst of your content can add some clout to your company’s webpage.

Keep The Lists Flowing

As we have all noticed while scrolling through our social media newsfeeds, listicles are all the rage nowadays. This type of copy is easy to read, and helps visitors skim the article in a quick and convenient way, because let’s face it, nobody wants to read the whole thing anyway. With the list-style format, you can reach out to more people. With effective and interesting content, that fares well on social networking sites.

Create A Video

Now, content is not all about copy. Images, memes, and videos are also great pieces of content that help your site gain attention. Instead of sticking to writing lengthy blog posts for your site, try sneaking a few video s in the mix, to get some additional attention for your blog. Some people prefer to watch video, over reading, so you may reach out to a completely new audience in this way. Also, you have a lot of options for what kind of videos to make, so with compelling content in your video you can gain a lot of attention, and shares on social media.

Invite Your Customers To Interact

Other great forms of content to include on your site, are interactive forms, like quizzes and polls, which can help the customer find what they are looking for, and also help you find out how to improve your business. These interactive forms of content help provide feedback to improve your site, and your customer’s approval rating, so be sure to include these thing son your web pages.

By adding som personal touches, and switching up the format of your content, you will keep your potential customers on their toes, and coming back to your site for more!

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