Sponsored Facebook Messages: Coming to an Inbox Near You

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Sponsored Facebook Messages: Coming to an Inbox Near You

Facebook users, there is a new update to messenger that will either drive you nuts, or drive your business through the roof.

As of earlier this month, Facebook debuted a new update that will allow sponsored messages from businesses and marketers. Through the messaging application of Facebook, advertisers will be able to send messages to their leads and current customers, for a small price of course.

Facebook will be charging the advertisers for the messages they send, similar to charging them for the advertisements they pay to display on Facebook. The only real difference here is that these messages may be sent to individual customers, with direct messages that may relate to items they have looked at or bought in the past. To make money off of the advertisers, Facebook will have “click to message” buttons, which will keep track of the companies and the messages, to allow Facebook to monetize off the messaging system.

Through these sponsored messages, advertisers can work to bring customers back to their business by directly messaging them and participating in two-way conversation.

This may sound a bit invasive, but don’t worry; Facebook will be closely monitoring these messages as they are on a trial basis. Facebook wants to ensure that these messages avoid sounding like spam, and ensure that they are benefiting both the customers and the advertisers.

The messages will come from chatbots, which will create messages based on the needs and interests of the consumer. The point of the messages will be to re-engage users, and to bring them back to specific sites. The chatbots will send messages reminding the users of items left in their cart, send deals to persuade them to return to the site, and other such messages to encourage them to re-engage with the chatbot’s site.

To ensure transparency, Facebook will label these as sponsored messages, as to not “trick” or invade the privacy of their users. The company will also be closely paying attention to the messages sent by the chatbots, and will limit the number of messages sent. This is a concern that Faceebook has, and will be allowing only a small number of these messages to ensure that users are not turned off from the site.

Facebook will remain in control of the messages sent by the chatbots, and they will reserve the right to stop any messages that are deemed to be excessive or that could be portrayed as spam. As they are willing to test out this new marketing tactic, the company still has its concerns. The main concern would be annoying Facebook users will the messages, to the point of them logging off for good.

But for Facebook users concerned about receiving a flood of messages in their inboxes, there is still some control placed in your hands. Facebook has included the ability to block messages from certain advertisers within the messenger application. Upon opening a new conversation, there will be a “block” button located at the top, which will allow the user to block messages from the advertiser, if they do not wish to be contacted any longer. So not to worry, Facebook is looking out for you as well, consumers.

With these limits and the options to opt out of a conversation, Facebook and the advertisers investing in these chatbot messaging applications hope to strike up conversation that will re-engage interested customers, without frustrating others.

As for now, we will watch and see how this chatbot messaging system works. If you’re interested in advertising through Facebook messaging, this may be a neat tactic to try, just be sure to keep it honest, and play it clean. No spam allowed on Facebook’s messenger chatbot platform.

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