Stay Up To Date With These Top Email Marketing Tips of 2015

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Stay Up To Date With These Top Email Marketing Tips of 2015

Email marketing can be hit or miss. What has worked for you in the past may not work now. As the game is changing, the players need to stay up to date with their email marketing strategies.

To keep up with the game and improve your email marketing efforts, check out these top email marketing tips of 2015:

Start With A Plan

Successful email marketing starts with a plan. With email marketing, set times of when to send out emails and how often to send them out. Having a plan and a set time for when content should be written and sent out can help your strategy be consistent and stay relevant. With these plans you should also set goals of what you hope to achieve in a certain time period. By keeping track of your goals and your planned emails, you can see if your business’s email marketing strategy is progressing effectively, or if changes need to be made. Improvement is always the goal and with a planned strategy you can stay organized.

Automate The Process

Marketing automation makes all the difference when trying to compete and make it as a business. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from automation services, working to reach more people without having to do more work. In fact, the marketing automation software will help you get more work done, and take up less of your time. Therefore, your email marketing efforts will go further, and your time will be freed up to work on other important things. If you want to keep up with the game, you need to automate the process now!

Make It Mobile

The biggest mistake businesses are making with email and online marketing strategies is ignoring the mobile presence. With iPhones and Androids that offer applications to check your email and search the web via smartphones, a huge portion of the population uses mobile devices as a primary source to check their messages. If you are reaching out to people without making your messages mobile-friendly, you may just be opting out of a large portion of the population who will not get your messages. By making mobile friendly emails, you’ll be able to reach more people in a convenient way and stay relevant in the email marketing game.

Personalize Your Messages

Effective email reaches out and grabs the reader. In order to do that, it is helpful to write in a manner that is specific to the reader. Instead of grouping all of your leads together, separate them into groups, and write emails that can be useful to their specific groups. By relating to them in this sense, they’ll be able to relate more to your business and you’ll have a better chance of getting your message through to them. If you really want to get personal, you can even include their names in messages as you address them, and write personal messages to returning customers after they make a purchase. Little personal touches like this can help a customer feel like your business cares about them, and is willing to go the extra mile to show it, which is a big ‘thumbs up’ for your business.

Test and Test Again

While your emails may show some results, you always want to see where your marketing efforts could use improvement. With automated services and other analytic software, you can test your emails, and try out different kinds of emails to different groups of leads to see which types of emails are more effective. You can test out even just smaller components of emails, like different word choices, or colors used in the email. Even the smallest adjustments can make a difference, so testing out your emails can help you optimize your messages for the best results.

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