Step Up Your Content Marketing Game With These Basic Tips

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Step Up Your Content Marketing Game With These Basic Tips

Yes, you post content on your site, but that doesn’t mean that you are doing it right. Having the ideal content, posted at the exact time, geared to the correct audience, is crucial to the content marketing game.

To win, you have to make sure you are on top of your game to reach out to leads and attract more traffic to your site through content marketing.

Get the most out of content marketing with these tips to improve your content marketing success:

Create Buyer Personas

Do you really know what your clients are looking for? Probably not. By creating buyer personas, you can get a better idea of what the prospects are looking for, what they are thinking, and what alternative options they are considering. These are much more detailed than typical profiles that only include a limited amount of information. With a more thorough look into what your clients want, you can track your leads and organize them based on their levels of buying. These buyer personas will help you track down what these people are looking for, and where they stand in the decision making process, so that you can create purposeful content with each stage in mind. With more relatable content directed to the different groups, based on information from buyer personas, you will be able to reach out to more lead and see conversions as a result.

Start With Good Copy To Target Your Audience

While we could go on for days discussing what works and what doesn’t when writing copy for your site, the main idea is simple: write for your potential clients. This is the big thing you need to keep in mind. When writing you need to pay attention to what your leads may be interested in. Instead of simply trying to promote your business with advertorials, or creating random posts that will go viral without doing anything for your business, you need to think about what you can do for your clients. Many times, potential customers will look to you for advice. If you can teach them something new, or give answers to questions they are seeking, you will be providing more valuable copy for your site.

Know The Strengths of Social Media Platforms

You may have beautifully written copy that you want to share, but if you don’t post it in the right platform, or in the correct manner, your hard work may go to waste. In order to be a successful content marketer, you have to know what you’re dealing with. You have to know how social media works, and what methods work when trying to get a piece of content publicized. The most popular social media outlets that generate successful business endeavors are Facebook and Twitter. While these come with similar ideas of sharing info, the approaches to tackling each platform are very different. Twitter followers seem to respond well to pictures due to the limited number of words, whereas Facebook followers responds well with short writing along with visuals. Twitter is a more youthful platform, while Facebook reaches more people of all ages. These are just some basics to keep in mind when sharing your content on social media. By getting the basics down, your social media content marketing game will have a better chance at successful results.

Be Consistent, And Persistent

When it comes to creating and sharing content for your site, you need to show people that you are dedicated and committed to working on your game and keeping your brand on the radar. One viral article or video may show short term results, but you will not gain and keep the leads you need to make your business prosper without continuous work. Your site should create and post new content at a steady to rate stay relevant to your audience. Likewise, you should also be sharing what your publish more than once, and even share it across multiple platforms. You may think this sounds too repetitive and annoying to leads, but remember how easy it is to scroll through your newsfeed and quickly glaze over something without reading it. The more you post, the more of a chance there is that people will actually see it, and take the time to look into the information you are offering.

Share Relevant Content

Just because you didn’t write a certain piece, doesn’t mean your audience wouldn’t benefit from reading it. By sharing, and giving due credit, to other related blogs and businesses, your company can gain a sense of credibility and loyalty to their clients. This shows your leads that you are committed to getting them the most valuable information that they want, even if you can’t directly provide it for them. While this should be done in moderation, a few shared articles featuring content that relates to your business can actually improve your image, and give you a break from creating all the content.

With these basic tips you can get the edge you need to make your content stand out and achieve the attention it deserves. Content marketing is never-ending, so keep up with your standards and continue working toward your goal of gaining leads and conversions.

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