Stop Saying These Words and Phrases in Your Copy!

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Stop Saying These Words and Phrases in Your Copy!

Look up any piece of content in the online marketing globe, and you’ll be sure to find one of these overused phrases. Theses sayings are used too often and become redundant to the point that your leads can read through the meaningless words. These weak phrases can seriously hurt your copy. Set your business apart and to gain some originality, avoid these 5 overused words and phrases in your copy.


If you want to display any sense of credibility, please avoid this word at all costs. By including the word ‘literally,’ you may be trying to show your customers that you are honest and working to be inclusive of a deal or clients. But instead, you come off sounding unprofessional and sleazy. Recently, this word has been overused at both the professional and social level, and has lost its meaning. Its transparency is so high that the use of this word is associated with distrust and dishonesty, so by using it you are earning a poor reputation for your company. Save your rep and cut the use of this word from your copy immediately.

We’re the Best

While you are trying to prove this to your customers, the last thing you want to do is directly come out and say it. Instead of saying ‘we’re the best,’ show them! Prove your worth through hard work, a pretty website, and well-written copy. Customers do not like to be told what to do. Just give them the tools to think what you want them to and let them figure out the rest on their own. With hard work and a solid marketing campaign, you’ll be sure to gain their respect. Ditch the lazy words and get to work.


This word is likely inevitable to come across at some point in your copy, it needs to be reduced. The word ‘new’ itself can be quite powerful, but if it is overused in your copy it will lose is special touch, and will be a worthless adjective found in your copy. Save it for when you really want to display your newest items and services on your site, and complement it with other valuable adjectives. The scarcity will draw more attention to the word.


By trying to prove your dedication to the needs of the clients and the business, using a lazy shortcut will fall short of expectations. By simply saying that you are ‘passionate’ about the work you do, you are not actually showing your clients what you are doing. Instead, take the lesser-traveled route and talk about the efforts you make and your connection to the company and the work the company does. This is the non-direct way that will blatantly display your passion, without the lazy and ineffective way of just stating the word. Be better than that.


All caps can certainly grab the attention of your clients, but it might not always be the positive attention that you are trying to achieve. Using all caps in your copy feels like you are screaming at your leads, which is intimidating. Instead of using a cheap trick to get their attention, pick a fun design and unique writing which will gain their attention and their respect. Use your inside voice, and your customers will appreciate it.

By cutting out and limiting these 5 words and phrases from your copy, you have room to be more individual and create better content that will win over your leads. Without these lazy words, you can show your clients what you are really about, and gain the respect, and the sales, you are working so hard for.

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