Take Notes From the Top Youtube Ads of 2015

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Take Notes From the Top Youtube Ads of 2015

If video isn’t your strong suit, these YouTube ads are sure to inspire you to pick up the camera. Video clips are all the rage online and on social media nowadays. These ads have gotten several millions of clicks and have proven to be the most successful videos of 2015. For a prosperous 2016, take some notes from these awesome videos!

Coca-Cola- “#MakeItHappy”

A catchy tune and cheesy, yet contagious happiness stirs up some emotion in this heartwarming clip by Coca-Cola. The company always knows how to promote their product through the common good of the people, and the theme of this particular ad is something other companies can aspire to. Your business may not be at the success level or size of the Coca-Cola Company, but it can surely look into the ideas of spreading happiness and good thoughts to create ads that inspire others.

The Ad Council- “Love Has No Labels”

Again, the theme of contagious smiles and heartwarming vibes steals the show with this video advertisement by The Ad Council. In this moving YouTube clip, The Ad Council proves that love truly has no labels. Using some crazy awesome technology may be out of the question for your company, but you can still use what you have and take notes from this type of ad to cause an eye-opening sensation in your viewers and stick up for what your company believes in. This is the kind of video that goes viral, for all the right reasons.

SNICKERS- “The Brady Bunch”

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia. It’s always all about her. SNICKERS was able to take advantage of this family favorite show to act on their candy campaign, and it could not have been more perfect. The key takeway from this ad is that you can take from old shows, songs, and other pop culture icons to win over your clientele. This little ad got millions of YouTube hits and the reference surely reached a variety of ages. Kudos, SNICKERS.

Always #LikeAGirl- “Unstoppable”

With their popular #LikeAGirl campaign, Always has stirred up some discussion of the way women and girls are judged. The “Unstoppable” video was the most recent installation in the #LikeAGirl series, and it meet the expectations of these popular videos. These ads help to instill a sense of confidence and motivation in young girls and with a healthy and honest ad campaign like this, your company would benefit with a similarly strategized ad. These are the kind of videos that people respect, and ultimately, share on social media.

Budweiser- “Lost Dog”

When you look up the most viewed clips on YouTube, the list is surely not complete without a cute puppy video. Budweiser knew how to pull on our heart strings with a short, yet complete storyline of a lost puppy finding his way home that really hit home for many. While the relevance of the video to the Budweiser brand is a bit unclear, aside from the appearance of the infamous Budweiser Clydesdales, the brand received the attention it was looking for with this infectious video. So for future reference, cute animals will almost always be a good way to advertise.

Fanpage.it- ”Slap her”

2015 may have been the year of controversial YouTube ads. And this recent advertisement from Fanpage.it may have been one of the most prominent. With the main point of shedding light on domestic violence, the video showcases the importance of instilling good values within children at a young age. While the video was filmed in Italy, it got millions of hits around the world and went viral online, with its English subtitles. The controversial idea may be too much for some, but nonetheless it got people’s attention. This can be a surefire way to get attention for your business, but be mindful of others and be careful when trying to include controversial issues within your ads.

Keep the success of these ads in mind next time you toss aside the idea of making a YouTube video advertisement. With some creativity, a good production, and a sound advertisement, it could just go viral!

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