The Best Lead Management Systems

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The Best Lead Management Systems


Using LeadPath has multiple benefits, from it’s very user friendly UI to the fact that it’s completely free. There are no upsells or requirements, it’s one of few free software platforms in the marketing automation sector. The only catch is if you are a big player and generate over 250,000 contacts/leads, then you will have a small cost. LeadPath’s Campaign Management allows you to setup landing pages with their Site Builder, and send all leads through a pretty robust WorkFlow process that can delay form posts as well as route leads based on field value conditions.

By including micro-products within LeadPath, you don’t need to shop around much. Data Management, Landing Page Builder, Conversion Optimization, Call Routing and Tracking, and full management of both hosted and non-hosted forms, all with real-time reporting and revenue/cost tracking.


It's no surprise that Hubspot appears on this list as one of the best lead management systems out there. This group offers software that's best suited for inbound marketing. Within inbound marketing, content is key for getting leads to sign up, to buy or to share a message. That's what Hubspot does best.

New customers get a free assessment of their websites to better understand the company's service. The software integrates with social media and helps marketers measure the effort and the effectiveness of their presence online. If you're getting leads from Twitter, Facebook, a blog or YouTube, then Hubspot is your go-to.


This CRM does lead nurturing that tallies the collective actions leads have taken. The software adjusts your strategy and to peak the results of your work. The graphs in this lead management software are incredible. It shows you the best plan of action for the greatest online conversion.

If you have a sales team and a notable group of leads, then amoCRM will match the right sales person to the right lead. But most of all, this CRM has an outstanding addition of detail in their graphs and visuals. Both show you the details of your past, present and future within online marketing of any kind.


This software doesn't just help you to manage leads. It streamlines the marketing you do and in a fraction of the usual time it takes. LeadMaster manages your clients while automating the methods you choose for converting or capturing leads. This software is about making marketing easy as a business.

The features on this platform are also adaptable. What that means is that every part and function enabled by LeadMaster is customizable. You can eliminate features while also adding more features for future use. The package you get comes with hands-on help and ready consultants as part of your team.

ProsperWorks CRM

There are specific things you want to look for when choosing the right CRM or lead management system. There's no substitute for software that's perfect for you and your business. The ProsperWorks CRM is about helping to minimize the workload while increasing the growth you get in the end.

ProsperWorks suggests that you can increase over all conversion rates by as high as 29 percent! The software has automation data entry that is accurate and quick. It has a very short startup process and integrates extremely well with Google products. In fact, this is the premier lead management for Google software.


Where else would you go for a simple platform that has an effective lead management system but to Teamgate. Teamgate partners with LinkedIn and allows businesses, like yourself, to target contacts directly from the social media website. The software lets you create new databases and with very detailed specs.

Those specifications include company, name, address, position and phone contact. Doing this by hand would be just that. It would be a handful. But Teamgate simplifies the process, so that businesses can spend their time where it counts most. The App is already taking off and shows great potential for the future.


Out of the 22 professional reviews that InStream has, it still rates five stars out of five. The software enables numerous lists to be segmented and created. There's no limit or special fees to do so either. Tailored needs can be assigned to each list in this lead management system.

Small businesses will benefit most from this platform, and it doesn't matter what industry or niche they're in. When close relationships with a targeted audience is necessary for business, then this system works well. InStream helps the small business owner do more than just focus on one sale. This is a life-long converter.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM allows businesses to gather all their conversations and consolidate them all in one place. This is a multichannel lead management system. First-time users can sign up for free to get a feel of what they'd later get. It's mobile integration means that setting this system up and then viewing it on your profile is simple.

The system offers great notifications of sales and other conversion based activities your brand experiences. It's optimal for both businesses and teams. The record keeping abilities of this software lets take analytics to a whole new level.


Pipedrive is considered one of the best lead management systems on the market today. The company brands itself as a solution for small businesses who have very big ambitions. It uses visual presentations and triggers that make understanding data and then taking action easy for companies to do.

The platform was actually built by salespeople and in order to boost their own efforts within the online industries. The company suggests that Pipedrive is effective because of how it manages data. That process is one where checks and balances are implemented, so that you make the right choices every time.


Integrate uses irony to suggest exactly what it does online. This platform aims to put the right tools in the hands of marketers. Integrate seeks to change how people are generating leads and managing them. This starts with collecting data in an automation process. The end result is to increase overall ROI.

By making the process effortless and simple, Integrate gives businesses an upper hand on the responsibilities they have in whole. This relates to efficiency in marketing and how data is manage. What users get with Integrate is better organization, quicker data response and more money for you.


With WeSuite, businesses have a lead management system that also works as a sales software. Further functions are as a security integration that helps businesses protect themselves and their clients. The real-time reporting of WeSuite enables lead management in its greatest form.

Data is important for every business, and this software consolidates all the necessary information for improving conversions. This starts with automation, surveys and lead generation specs that aim at business improvement. Those particulars put WeSuite on our list of the best lead management software around.

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