The Cream Of The Crop In Content Marketing, Take Notes From These Winning Businesses

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The Cream Of The Crop In Content Marketing, Take Notes From These Winning Businesses

You may think your business is adequate in the field of content marketing, but just wait until you see these prime picks in the content marketing world. These businesses are in tune with the trends and know what it takes to be on top of the game.

Check out these successful content marketing examples and take notes:

John Deere

This may come as a surprise to many, but the John Deere Corporation actually was one of the first companies to start content marketing. They published articles to help customers in Furrow Magazine. This long spread magazine has helped the company over ages, and John Deere is now the most acclaimed agriculture brand. From tractors to mowers, the name John Deere is well-known and it is majorly due to the content marketing approaches the corporation has taken throughout the years.

American Express

American Express is an active participant in the content marketing game. Their online program America Express Unstaged, streams live concerts from across the globe, and engages fan with the concerts and the exclusive videos that lead up to and follow those events. This non-traditional form of content marketing is certainly pleasing to customers and social media followers and increases the likelihood of searching the brand name. Ultimately, this approach is brilliant, but only achievable for big businesses with disposable expenses.


Surely, the most successful site for professionals is going to be up in the latest trends in business success. Hence why LinkedIn is one of the top companies in content marketing. LinkedIn is the most successful media site for content marketing, due to its focus of professionalism and business. LinkedIn makes it easy for users to upload content and create libraries and presentations. LinkedIn is a wonderful enabler in the world of content marketing.


This unique service has proven to be successful due to its content marketing approach. The company offers testimonial of customers as well as tips and trends for grooming in their magazine and guide for users. Within these online guides, users can find where to locate the products they tested and loved, and have turned Birchbox customers into customers of the products featured in each box. This ingenious service and content marketing strategy has earned Birchbox big bucks and a high success rate.


From the adorable polar bear logo to personalized bottles and cans, Coca-Cola is easily winning the marketing game. Their success is only extended with their content marketing approach. Coca-Cola turned their website into an online magazine in 2012, called the “Coca-Cola Journey.” The magazine features stories about topics like sustainability and innovation, as well as the history of the brand, and just typical topics that are trending. This technique has proved to be successful, gaining over 1 million visitors each month. Coca- Cola is a leading company in content marketing, as well as delicious soft drinks.

Good Greens

Big brands aren’t the only ones with successful content marketing stories. Good Green, a health food brand, was able to increase their sales at a steady $50,000 increase each month for 4 months straight by reaching out to local bloggers. These bloggers helped to increase the number of reviews and mentions of the brands, as well as the number of search engine results. By sharing these blogs and getting more blogs to be written by bloggers, the brand has grown immensely since it was founded in 2011. The sales grew 50% over a short span of 120 days, all due to its content marketing strategy.


You may have seen the catching video that got the name of this small business in the media. DollarShaveClub.com spent just over $4,000 to make that video, but after sharing the Video on Twitter and Facebook, they received 12,000 news customers in only two days! The money they invested in the video certainly paid off when the video went viral on social media. This shows that with a small budget and some creativity, you can create a great campaign and increase your sales with content marketing.

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