The Dos and Don’ts of Email Marketing

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The Dos and Don’ts of Email Marketing

With the addiction to the internet and getting information at our fingertips, it is no surprise that email marketing has become a popular, and effective strategy to boost sales.

Email marketing can be an extremely valuable component of your company’s marketing campaign. But at the same time, it can hurt your reputation and sales if managed incorrectly.

To master the world of email marketing, check out which habits you should adopt, and which to avoid when using email to reach out to leads and customers:

DO have consistency.

The best email marketers know the importance of frequency when it comes to emails. By consistently sending out messages, you will stay relevant while also showing your clients that you are committed to serving them. Email marketing is a never-ending process that takes patience, creativity, and determination. Your emails should represent this. By keeping up with the trends and reaching out to clients in a creative and consistent manner, you will see the results you want with email marketing.

DON’T send out emails from an unknown address.

When sending emails out to your potential clients, you need to keep these individuals and their needs in mind. If you show that you are there for them and are able to reply to them and answer any questions they have, you will gain a lot of respect. But this transaction isn’t even a possibility when you send out emails from a “no-reply” email address. Sending out emails representing your company with this type of email address causes customers to feel as though you are not there to help them. If they don’t feel as though their voices are being heard, or as if they can come to you directly with questions they have, they probably won’t come to your business at all. Make sure you have a more personal email address to serve your customers and their needs.

DO personalize your messages.

Adding a first name, or a recommended suggestion of what they may be looking for based on buyer personas or past purchases, you can reach out to clients in a more productive way. People will be more impacted by your emails when they feel like they are not just another client lost in the masses. If you can reach out to your customers in a more personal way, you can create a much more successful email marketing campaign.

DON’T acquire contacts for the sake of getting numbers.

Too many times, businesses make the mistake of trying too hard to get a lot of leads. They will get emails addresses from all over, even purchasing more contacts, and it still does not increase their sales. Why is that? Well, if you are just looking to gain more addresses to send emails to in hopes of gaining business, you’re probably not reaching out to the right people. If you get some random email addresses and decide to include them on your mailing list, how do you know that they are interested in your services? You don’t. And if you try to convert them by ambushing these contacts with emails they didn’t ask for, they will most likely mark the messages as spam, and write off your business. Instead, gain leads with a purpose, and focus on reaching out to contacts with higher value, instead of a higher value of contacts.

DO test your emails.

One day a certain email will show great success, but then the next day the same tactic could be a dud. In this wishy-washy world, you need to stay on top of your game, by testing the results of your emails, and figuring out what works and what doesn’t. This can change over time, and it is important to update your techniques. Trends come and go, and outdated emails are a bad way to represent your company. Stay on top of your email marketing strategy by testing your emails, and knowing what works and what doesn’t.

DON’T just look to gain more leads.

If you think that once you have gained a client, that your work is done, then think again. To keep your customers happy and returning to your business, you need to nurture them with emails geared towards them and their needs. Too often, businesses tend to focus on gaining more prospects and tailoring their message only towards individuals who are new to their company. While this is important to gain leads, you also have to consider the high value of returning customers, and the importance of keeping them. Make sure that you are not ignoring this group when sending out emails for your business.

With these simple dos and don’ts of email marketing, you can improve your business’s marketing campaign and see your sales rise with the improvements you make.

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