The Key to Keen Squeeze Pages

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The Key to Keen Squeeze Pages

You know those pages that pop up with a great offer and a form to get you to sign up for email subscriptions, right as you come to a website’s homepage? Well, that is what we call a squeeze page, and we have seen it all; the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Squeeze pages can be a valuable asset to a webpage, but only if used correctly. These Squeeze pages can be touchy, and can either help you covert more leads, or rub potential customers the wrong way. To create quality squeeze pages, follow these tips to make and use squeeze pages to your advantage:

Keep it Brief

On your squeeze page, you may be trying to explain an offer to potential clients, or give insight as to why you are asking for their email, but you really need to keep your squeeze page concise. If you include loads of text on your squeeze page, you can bet your bottom dollar that the majority of web navigators will exit your site as soon as they can. No one wants to read a huge pop up. If you keep your text brief and stick to the point, you’ll have better odds of them reading and complying with your squeeze page.

Clarity is Key, Always

Concise and clear writing go hand in hand. To optimize your squeeze page for the best results, you’re going to not only make the text minimal, but you’re going to need it to be clear for the reader to understand. If a lead is confused about why you are asking for their email address, or what you’re going to do with it, they’re not going to want to extend their contact information. Keep your explanation brief, but clear and honest, and you’ll find the best luck converting leads.

Take it Easy on the Offer

You may think you’re better off breaking out the big guns and throwing a big offer at your leads in order to squeeze their email addresses out of them, but this is a rookie mistake. With the big offer, you may think you can attract more leads, but often times this will cause you to scare off leads. This is due to the extremity of the offer. With a large offer, people will feel tricked. They likely don’t fully trust your company yet, so throwing a huge deal at them might make them think there is a catch. With a simpler deal, they’ll feel more comfortable taking the plunge.

Pay Attention to Design

As with any webpage, the aesthetic appeal is everything. If your squeeze page is interesting enough to grab their attention and keep it you’ll succeed with your goal. If not, you’ll scare people away from your site. Taking the design lightly is a HUGE mistake. So pay attention: The key to creating a squeeze page that will show results is to keep it fun, colorful, and simple. Add some bright colors to draw attention and an easy to read font that will help keep things simple. If you want to add your company logo or another simple piece of clipart, that is fine, but other than that keep it crisp and clean with some white space to draw the eye to the real focus.

Focus on the Main Squeeze

The point of a squeeze page is to get site visitors to hand over their email address so that you can gain new leads. So focus on getting their email address, and forget trying to get them to fill out an entire form of information. Some squeeze pages simply ask too much of their potential leads, hence why they don’t get the results they want.

With these key tips, your squeeze pages will get the job done.

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