The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Content for Your Site

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The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Content for Your Site

Outsourcing your content can be a great option for your company’s site, but there are also some drawbacks. Consider your options before deciding whether or not to outsource your content.


Saves Money

Outsourcing your content can be a cheap way to supply your site with good copy without having to work hard and spend a lot on your own writers and research. By outsourcing content you can pay to share the work of others, or even find some ways to do that for free. If your business has a limited budget to spend on copywriters and content management, this can be a great way to cut corners.

Saves Time

Instead of having to wait for your writers to brainstorm ideas and create content, you can instantly find content from outside sources to share on your site. This can be a great way to get more content posted in less time. Writers can only do so much, but with more options and more articles and posts you can find elsewhere, you can consistently have more content to share.

Increase Knowledge Through Others

Hopefully you understand the ins and outs of your business, but you may be able to express it in a poetic way that will attract attention. Your content writers may have the opposite problem. They may be able to write a great piece of content, but sometimes the knowledge or extreme detail of the matter can be lacking when the writer doesn’t know too much about the industry. For areas where your writers have some trouble, outsourcing your content can be a great way to supplement your site and add pieces from people who are experts in certain areas. This will only add some credibility to your site.

Gains More Traffic

Outsourcing content often means more tags. Some options of outsourcing content can come in trades, or exchanges of content with other like sites. This can help you advertise your site, which will help to attract more viewers to your content and site.


Hard to have a Cohesive Voice

While your choices of pieces, writers, and designers are unlimited through your outsourcing options, it can be hard to find consistency to have a trend in your writing. If you have different authors write different pieces of content for your site, you may end up with a bunch of different writing styles and views that don’t match each other, or perhaps even your company’s voice. This can make your company appear disorganized and unprofessional.

Limited Control over Content

Outsourced content can be annoying at times due to the lack of authority over writers. While you may request a certain article, or find content online with a theme you are looking for, it may not be exactly what you were expecting. If you are flexible, it should still work out. But if you like to exercise control and need specific pieces framed a certain way, you may not like what you find in the outsourced content.

It Can Appear Lazy to Clients

Some of your leads will certainly pay attention to your content and they’ll notice the trend in its origin. If you supply most of your content, it makes you look knowledgeable, but if most, or all, of your content is outsourced it can make your business look lazy and/or uninformed. If you want to outsource content, incorporating some of your own pieces can be a good way to avoid this.

Can Draw Attention Away From Your Business

Swapping content with other sites, and having outsourced content from other writers can be a great way to expand your viewership. But it can also lead to losing some leads to the businesses that you are sharing content with. This is a risk you’re going to have to make if you decide to share and swap outsourced content.

Mull over your options before you make your decision. Outsourcing content can have both positive and negative impacts, so decide what works best for you and make the best choice for your content management system.

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