The Three Parts of a Sales Funnel and How To Create Them

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The Three Parts of a Sales Funnel and How To Create Them

The Age Of The Sales Funnel

It has arrived. The sales funnel is both tangible and conceptual. You see, there's something many are mistaking when creating sales structures online. You don't just need content to do it. You also need strategy. This is why some sales funnels online exist on social media. Others are just blogs. You may find one that's a website.

Then there are those that are formatted as an entire website. You've likely seen hundreds if not thousands of sales funnels. People are trying to sell things and in every twist and turn. You can't escape it in many ways. What you can do, however, is try creating one yourself. After reading this, that's what you'll be able to do.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is what you do in order to get people involved with your brand. It's what happens when you get visitors to a site. Or when you learn more about who will buy your product or service online. Getting relationships started is lead generation. It's also when people call to find out more about who you are.

There's a huge business involved with lead generation. You can't escape getting this when building an online business. For that very reason, it's the first step to creating the right sales funnel that will land you sales. You don't want to leave home without this one. Have it with you at all times.


Lead generation creates traffic. Traffic is the term used online that expresses who leads are when they enter a funnel. Recall that funnels can be created with just about any digital platform. As long as the strategy is intact, then you can be as creative as possible when generating traffic.

Just know that you'll need a steady flow of people moving in and out of your funnel. That's the true meaning of traffic today.


Digital ads are a popular option for getting in front of people. They have the ability to promote you with as little information as possible. They appear all over the Web, and you can also manage their cost as a marketer. Another source of traffic is with content marketing. But content marketing is trickier than it seems.

The best content marketing is built with a few fancy applications and downloads. Making content marketing generate traffic means that you also have to nurture your viewers somehow. But you can also buy traffic. And the only caution we have for you is to ensure that it's a clean traffic source you're using.


Targeting is how you make the most out of lead generation. This is a marketer's concept that entails that you qualify leads. Qualifying leads is when you verify that your leads are actually in your market. It's not unusual to build a list or following of people who haven't verified themselves.

These are people who haven't shown interest in your product or service. When your list is full of them, then you'll want to reorganize your funnels. Your fresh objective is to get targeted leads. When you do, then you'll find a larger number of potential buyers who are qualified.

Prospects Vs. Leads

This brings us to the difference between leads and prospects. Prospects are the people you've targeted that are out of your funnel. These people are likely to have interest in your product or service. The specification is that they aren't involved with your brand yet.

Once those same people are involved with your brand, then they become leads. They are leads until they make a purchase. Once they purchase something, they then are labeled as buyers. What's important to know is that each stage is identified.

Landing Pages

Your next step from here is to create a landing page. Landing pages are your portals that are specifically designed to trigger an action. The action you set up can be anything. But marketers would look at this as one of the most important moments of their overall work. It's the only way to track conversions.

The conversions of landing pages are created only with one calculation. It starts with getting good sales tracking software, to tell how many people visit a landing page. You take that number and then based it in comparison to how many people take an action. The specific action will be displayed on the landing page.

If you get 1,000 people to visit your landing page and only 200 people to take actions, then you have a 20 percent conversion.


One of the ways to create a landing page is by learning HTML. This type of computing language is used everywhere. It's the primary computer code for the Internet. The best code writers are paid handsome sums to write intricate language that eventually becomes websites and other things.

The advantage is having someone able to write code and customize. That means that there's no limitation to the design and functions of a landing page. The only dilemma here is that HTML is not a common skill. This means that you can pay a hefty sum to get your landing page completed.


The way you minimize your cost, when creating landing pages, is by buying templates. The interesting thing about templates is that you can still customize them. You don't have to simply settle with the format that's offered. These templates are also numerous.

In fact, the landing page templates that exist are so many that you likely won't have to customize the one you find or settle with.


This piece to the online sales funnel is automation. This is what helps to manage the rest of your online business without you doing all the work yourself. Automation collects data, track actions and organizes leads. This may seem like a small task, but it isn't.

Yet once all of the other pieces have been put together, you'll need this aspect to manage the rest. You can get it as software with or without your overall sales structure. It takes your hand off the process and lets your funnel work on its own.

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