These Companies Really Mastered Social Media in 2015

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These Companies Really Mastered Social Media in 2015

Social Media; Many have tried, but few have succeeded. Follow in the footsteps of these social media pros to improve your social media marketing game, and increase your company’s attention and sales. Great social media profiles are creative, compelling, and consistent.

Take notes from these companies that mastered social media in 2015, for a prosperous and successful social media game in 2016!

Taco Bell Ads Entice Millennials On Snap Chat

Taco Bell has taken advantage of its popularity with the younger generations by speaking to them through the latest applications to gain their attention. The brand has worked to improve their advertisements via their Snap Chat profile, and has consistently created innovative and comical Snap Stories to grab the attention of their clients. The ads have proven to be successful, and has helped Snap Chat become a center for future advertisements. By speaking to their prime audience (millennials) through their most popular method of communication (Snap Chat), Taco Bell has earned a gold star in our book.

Domino’s Pizza Emoji for the Win

The twenty-first century has been a series of technological improvements working to simplify the lives of the lazy and technology savvy. The latest feature added to Domino’s service allows for customers to set up an online account, through which they can simply tweet a pizza emoji at Domino’s to order a pizza. This creative function gained attention due to its simplicity, and its comical sense of appealing to the lazy folks, but nonetheless, the function was a hit, and so were the tweets that began to test it! Domino’s innovative attempt proved to be a success, and may have led the way in a future of simplistic ordering via social media. Hey Domino’s, way to take advantage of two of the most popular things on social media, pizza and emoji’s!

World Wildlife Fund’s Disappearing Snap Chat Selfies

The World Wildlife Fund, more commonly known as WWF used the neat features of Snap Chat as a metaphor to show how the world’s animals and plants are fast disappearing, just as Snap Chat photos do. They used their Snap Chat profile to show snap shots of animals that are endangered and becoming extinct, to help grow awareness for these animals and get them the help and protection they need. This eye-opening technique proved to be successful, and even earned an award from Webby for its excellence and creativity. This use of Snap Chat helped the app gain extra respect in the marketing community, and has served as a little push for other brands to take up the app as a part of their marketing campaigns.

Coca Cola’s #ShareACoke Contest Dominated Social Media

Coca Cola wins once again, with its latest social media campaign that was paired nicely with its neat label. With the new Coke labels that state, “Share a Coke with,” and then have various names, nicknames and greetings, the company amped up their social media campaign with a contest to tweet and Instagram pictures with the hashtag #ShareACoke, and win prizes like free music subscriptions, concert tickets, and even meet and greets with top celebrities like Taylor Swift. The content took off, especially with people who were happy to find their names on special Coke products. This social media campaign helped the company gain attention in an effortless way, and helped to sell more products for people who enjoyed the fun labels. Nobody can beat Coca Cola!

These social media campaigns killed it in 2015. To match their efforts in 2016, step up your company’s social media efforts and take some tips from these corporate pros!

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