These Fatal Web Design Flaws Are Scaring Away Your Leads

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These Fatal Web Design Flaws Are Scaring Away Your Leads

While you may be proud of the work you've put into your web pages, make sure that your web design is benefiting your business. Your website may be full of information, color, and technological gizmos, but is all this excitement attracting visitors or turning them away? Strong web pages need to be clear, informative, and attractive to the eye, but leads can get intimidated by an overload of information and theatrics.


Avoid making these major mistakes when designing your web pages:

Not So Picture Perfect

The images you post on your site are most likely the first thing that your visitors will notice. If the pictures are bland or irrelevant, your site will instantly become bland and irrelevant. Likewise, if the featured photos portray a negative theme, your site will inherit a negative connotation. See the trend? Make sure the images you post are positive and relate to your message. While the images should not be the entire focus of the site (unless you are trying to showcase your photography skills), they should still be eye- catching and enticing to visitors of your site so that they will want to stay on your page.

Misplacement Of Information

After looking at the images and videos on your site, the next thing your leads will look for is the important information that they came to your site to find. If the data they are looking for is lost within a sea of words, they may just give up and look at another site for information. Don’t overwhelm your leads with too much text off the bat. Give them the most important information, and make sure to put it in the correct spots. The most crucial information should be placed in the top left corner of the page, where your leads will look first. Keep all of the most important information at the top, or at least on the left side the webpage where viewers are more likely to notice it.

Attack of the Ads

An onslaught of ads and pop-ups on your website will only make potential clients disappear with one click of the mouse. Yes, advertisements are wonderful for funding, but know when enough is enough. The ads in your site should relate to your product or service, and should be helpful for your leads. If you bombard your leads with an abundance of pointless ads, they will question your intentions and your customer service habits. Optimize your site by opting for minimal advertisements with a direct aim.

The Color Scheme Is All Wrong

Firetruck Red may be your favorite color, but does it appeal to your clients? Covering your site with too many bright colors can be overwhelming and your choice of color has a lot to say about your site. Your color scheme should match your business and represent your product or services, but should also represent the values of your business. If your company is environmentally friendly, using blues and greens to accent your site will help convey that message. Too much black and white on a page can make it boring. But whatever you do, don’t put important information in colored text. There is a strong possibility that some of your leads will be color blind, and not being able to read the text or navigate the site will be a big turn off to them. Choosing the right colors and the correct amount of color can bring your site to the next level.

Too Binding Too Soon

Lots of people have commitment issues nowadays. From relationships to phone contracts, signing up for anything is stress-inducing to these individuals. Stop pressuring your leads with a long registration form to fill out upon entering your site. Requiring too much of your leads from the get-go will only scare them off. Instead of coercing them into a binding registration form that includes their credit card info, their social security number, and their last ounce of patience, make it short and sweet, or simply ask for this information once they choose to use your services or purchase a product. You’ll get more traffic on your site, which means more potential clients.

Target Your Audience, Not the Public

If you own a business that offers a grocery delivery service for senior citizens, then you need to design your site to target this audience. If you have lots of confusing technology or misleading images that appeal to a younger crowd, you’re not doing your business any favors. To have a successful site that actually reaches your target audience, you must tailor it to their needs. You must be aware of your audience and understand what they want, how they want it, and what they are willing to do to get it. By reading your clients and making sure your site is cohesive with your services, you can actually reach your target audience.

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