Top Reasons to Use Lead Tracking Solutions

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Leads are the lifeline of every company. Leads can turn into paying customers, and without sales, a company would have to shutter its doors. Yet, it is also critical to nurture your leads from the marketing funnel to the sales pipeline. You start with lead generation, then capture, organization and nurturing. At the same time, it is important to find out where your leads are coming from. You can do so with lead tracking solutions. Here are the many reasons why you should use it.

1. You can verify your tactics are working. You might set up an expensive ad campaign and get clicks. But, if you're not tracking your leads, then you're just wasting money. You might see which keywords are getting the most clicks, but you don't know where the clicks are coming from. How can you know you are reaching your target audience if you can't see where the clicks are coming from? It's like shooting in the dark. You need to know how well your keywords are working. You took time to research keywords that are being searched for by your target market. But, you will have no idea if your keywords were chosen correctly if you don't have lead tracking solutions. What if people, who aren't your target market, are clicking your ads and not buying? If that's the case, what's the point of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars a week on an ad campaign. You want leads that match your target market to ensure a higher probability of a purchase. Your lead tracking software can show you where the leads are coming from so you can understand if you need to tweak your campaign or keywords.

2. It helps to keep your sales funnel organized. You want to know at stage of the sales cycle to put your leads. The point is there are stages from lead generation to nurturing that must be followed to achieve the ultimate in sales success. A new lead will need to be taken through the process to the purchase stage. By tracking your leads, you can organize them through qualifications. Is this a lead who has purchased you from before? Are they focused on one particular section of your site? Is this a completely new lead? Was this lead directed to your site from your advertising campaign? Lead tracking software helps to keep your leads organized. Your company won't survive for long relying on a dry erase board or post-it notes. A lead tracking application is essential.

3. You may find opportunities for renewals and cross or up-selling. You may have current customers who are returning to your site for a specific reason. They may not always tell you that they're interested in something else until they're ready to buy. If they have a renewal coming up, and you find them visiting your site, it can open up a topic of conversation. Given that they're current clients, it's much easier to cross or up-sell. This is especially true if they are visiting certain service or product pages. You want to find a way to get them the information they already want. When you do, your customer will feel valued and you will make a new sale. This type of selling could not have been made possible without lead tracking solutions.

4. Switch from marketing to selling. There comes a point in the sales funnel where you need to stop marketing and stop selling. An organization can't afford endless marketing without making sales. Lead tracking software helps you determine if leads are viewing highly-targeted content. This is the type of content used to share relevant information that resonates with the needs and wants of your target market. If you find a lead visiting and re-visiting this highly-targeted content, then it is likely you have a future sale on your hands. Although, you won't know where your leads are without lead tracking solutions. At this point, marketing as done its job and it is time for sales to take over. This can be a questionable process, but lead tracking software makes it much more straightforward and strategic.

5. Determine your most popular pages. You should remove a page that does nothing for your company. Even with our best intentions and efforts, not every marketing tactic will be a success. Lead tracking software can work similarly to A/B testing by showing you exactly which sites and pages attract the most leads. You can see how many unique and returning visitors have visited a specific page. Once you have this information, you can create similar pages and spend more on advertising to promote your most popular pages. It will be worth the investment since you now know which pages your leads like the most. It also helps you to improve your unpopular pages.

6. Improve efficiency. It goes without saying that lead tracking software can help make your sales and marketing efforts much more efficient. You will know how to better score each lead based on their behavior, history and what they're looking at. You'll see actions they take on your site and content they download. It gives you a comprehensive view of your lead's actions. If a lead downloads content, then you can be sure they have an interest in your product or service. Now, it is your turn to find out how much with targeted content. If a lead opens up more than one of your emails, that is also a sign of interest. Lead tracking software gives you a view of these actions to help you make better decisions regarding your sales funnel.


Lead Tracking Solutions

Lead tracking solutions are a must to keep your leads interested and moving forward in your sales funnel. You can be sure your competition is using lead tracking software. To remain competitive in today’s digital world, it is a must. You need to know if your marketing strategies are working and how well. It isn’t enough to ask, because leads may not always tell you or may not respond at all.


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